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It's All About The Supreme Court

Isaac Newton told us that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This week he's looking like a political pundit.

Right after the liberal People for the American Way launched a radio campaign criticizing McCain on Supreme Court picks he might make, the conservative Judicial Conservation Network has gone on TV hitting Obama on his prospective Supreme Court nominees.

The Judicial Confirmation Network warns that the next president could pick four new justices. (We hope none of the current nine feel hurt that they're being slated for death or retirement.) The ad then segues into a popular conservative theme: Obama's now-infamous connections to corrupt developer Tony Rezko, former Weatherman Bill Ayres and Reverend Jeremiah Wright. "Obama chose to associate with these men," the voiceover says, "while voting against these men [President Bush's Supreme Court picks Samuel Alito and John Roberts]."

The $550,000 ad buy is set to run in Michigan and Ohio and on national cable, the Network says.

The Judicial Confirmation Network is run by Gary Marx, an organizer for President Bush's 2004 campaign and former head of the Virginia Christian Coalition. Its legal counsel, Wendy Long, clerked for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and worked for two Republican senators. Both Marx and Long were members of a National Faith and Values Steering Committee for Mitt Romney's presidential primary campaign earlier this year.

Conservative pundit James Hirsen serves on the Judicial Confirmation Network's board. Republican Bob Schaffer, now running for Senate, is the organization's Colorado chairman.

People for the American Way and the Judicial Confirmation Network are usually heard from during the Senate nominating debates. The presidential campaign gives them a chance to tune up.