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Planned Parenthood Depicts Palin As "Heartless"

Taking aim squarely at liberal women who might find GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin's candidacy appealing, Planned Parenthood Action Fund's new ad portrays Palin and John McCain as insensitive to rape victims.

The ad starts with a rape victim telling her story, then switches to the policy employed in Wasilla, AK, when Palin was mayor: Women who had been assaulted had to pay for their own rape examinations. says that while Wasilla did indeed charge victims, it's not clear whether Palin is responsible.

The ad uses a less-than-flattering photo of Palin. It also faults McCain — portrayed with a smugly sinister smile — for voting against the Violence Against Women Act. Then the rape victim says, "That is something, to me, that's unthinkable. It scares me to death." It's not clear whether she's referring to McCain's vote, Palin's policy or rape itself.

The ad is scheduled to run in the swing states of Missouri, Wisconsin and, to reach Northern Virginia's women voters as well as the Washington press corps, Washington D.C.