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The Riskier Of Two Risks

It's starting to feel like the presidential election has come down to this: Which candidate is riskier?

The McCain campaign calls Barack Obama "too risky for America," and that phrase is being echoed by independent groups like the National Republican Trust.

But the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees calls John McCain "risky on Social Security."

And here comes the AFL-CIO with this pronouncement: "John McCain's Plan Puts Retirees at Risk." That's from a mailer sent to 500,000 retirees in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Colorado, Indiana, Minnesota, North Carolina and Florida. It labels McCain as a "disaster" for retirees; not too long ago, another AFL-CIO mailer dubbed him a "disaster" for the middle class.

Click on the image to view the latest mailing:

The labor federation's ranks are also continuing phone calls and personal visits to undecided voters. They're clearly not taking any risks.