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Bring Ohio Back

Liberal Nutritionists Against McCain

Not so long ago in this endless campaign, the liberal 527 group Bring Ohio Back was producing ads aimed at making voters chuckle their way to Obama's camp.

But humor has its limits. Now the group has a much more serious take on the Republican nominee. One new ad shows the state of Ohio being hit by a wrecking ball, which has his face on it — because McCain's past support for deregulation "is wrecking Ohio's economy."

Another ad (below) actually implies McCain has lost his marbles. "When it came to dealing with our current economic crisis, Sen. McCain has been confused," it says. "What's wrong with Senator McCain?" Both ads cite the time he said he didn't understand economics as well as he should. Effective advertising perhaps, but not very funny.

So who is paying for all these ads? The main check-writer is Rachel Pritzker Hunter, of the politically active Pritzker family, which inherited the Hyatt fortune. Hunter used to live in Ohio but now has a Northern California address. She dumped $1.1 million into Bring Ohio Back for the ads. She's also listed as treasurer of Media Matters for America, a liberal media-watchdog group run by conservative-turned-liberal operative David Brock.

Outside of politics, Hunter is a nutritionist who co-founded a botanical medicine graduate program at a holistic health institute in Maryland, according to this article on food sensitivities that she wrote for Balanced Living Magazine.

Perhaps she appreciates Obama's affinity for eating his vegetables.