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Taxes and Spending

Fat Lady Hasn't Sung In Georgia

And you thought you were done with political ads on TV. Well, not if you're in Georgia.

Because Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) seems stuck below the 50-percent mark in Tuesday's balloting, the race under state law seems destined for a December run-off. Freedom's Watch doesn't have much going on these days, and it isn't wasting any time.

The group — which, depending on how you see it, either failed to fend off Democratic takeovers in Congress or succeeded in preventing worse Republican losses — has a new ad trashing Jim Martin, the Democrat challenging Chambliss.

"Jim Martin says he's a champion of lower taxes," the ad says. "I guess that must have been another Jim Martin who criticized a $100 million tax cut plan for Georgia families...His evil twin maybe? Or just the same old tax-and-spend Martin policies."

Both candidates also bought air time for their own ads. And so it continues...