World Cup Fashion: Cameroon Scored Style Points, But No Goal : Show Me Your Cleats! - World Cup 2010 Blog Japan won today's World Cup match against Cameroon, but lost the fashion show on the pitch.
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World Cup Fashion: Cameroon Scored Style Points, But No Goal

Cameroon scores style points with their colorful uniforms, but you can't ignore Japan's unique hairstyles. Michael Sohn/AP hide caption

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Michael Sohn/AP

WARNING: This post is about fashion. If you're looking for an insightful post about game-play, this blog entry is not for you.

Team Cameroon may not have scored any goals in their match against Japan today, but they scored some serious style points out there on the pitch.

Their bright yellow jerseys with thin, vertical red stripes came in a short and long-sleeve version, and fit brilliantly. The jerseys sport a lion’s head, which represents the team's nickname: Les Lions Indomtables (Indomitable Lions). Paired with kelly green shorts, green and red socks and multi-colored cleats, this team brought the pitch to life with color.

The entire ensemble had serious 'sabor' as we say in Spanish, in complete contrast to Japan's bland blue and white. Although, you've got to give the Japanese footballers props on their unique hairstyles.

Cameroon likes to push the limits of soccer style. In 2002 the team was reprimanded by FIFA for their sleeveless jersey, designed by Puma.  Two years later, the team wore a one-piece uniform at a 2004 Cup of Nations match in Tunisia. In response, FIFA deducted 6 points from the team's 2006 World Cup qualifying campaign and the jersey designer, Puma, faced $154,000 fine. The case was settled out of court.

Puma designed Cameroon's World Cup jerseys this year, but kept the shirts and shorts separate, much to my chagrin. I was hoping for a skintight, Usain Bolt-type one piece out there. Regardless, the Cameroon/Puma pairing is certainly spicing up a bland year for World Cup jerseys.

Losing never looked so good!