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Sacré Bleu!: Excuse My French

The French team is back at practice today without their usual sponsorship logos. Desmond Scholtz/AP hide caption

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The French are freaking out; the Spanish are more focused on amor than defense; the Italians are aging drama queens and the English, damp squibs.  Is there something in the South African water that's driving the colonizers crazy?

I suppose not: the Dutch are hanging in there and the Portuguese completely embarrassed the North Koreans — 7 goals!

Okay, back to the French.  

The team started to implode after its humiliating 2-0 loss to Mexico. Striker, Nikolas Anelka cursed at the French coach during half-time, refused to apologize and was sent home.  In response, the entire French team ditched practice on Sunday. And in response to the team's response —  team director Jean-Louis Valentin — Q U I T!

There are rumors that sponsors of the French squad are backing away from the chaos. The French team returned to the pitch today — but without any visible sponsorship on their practice jerseys.

Sacré bleu!

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