This image, which combines X-ray, infrared and optical images, shows a supernova within the galaxy M100 that may contain the youngest known black hole in our cosmic neighborhood. Chandra X-ray Observatory Center/NASA/CXC/JPL/Caltech hide caption

toggle caption Chandra X-ray Observatory Center/NASA/CXC/JPL/Caltech

Called "Crazy Lace", this agate rock found in Mexico is a type of quartz infused with iron and aluminum. Danita Delimont/Getty hide caption

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Krulwich Wonders...

My Grandson The Rock

In this story, we explain why someday you might have a rock for a grandson.

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Virgin Galactic is developing a suborbital spacecraft to carry spaceflight participants to about 65 miles above Earth. The craft, SpaceShipOne, is carried high above the Earth by a special plane called The White Knight, then launched. Courtesy of Scaled Composites hide caption

toggle caption Courtesy of Scaled Composites

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