Whatever name it sailed under — International Sun-Earth Explorer 3, and International Cometary Explorer, among others — this spacecraft has scored a number of firsts over the years, including the first comet flyby. NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center hide caption

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Astronomers thought they saw a big explosion in the nearby Andromeda galaxy. GALEX, JPL-Caltech/ NASA hide caption

toggle caption GALEX, JPL-Caltech/ NASA

The Two-Way

Rumors Of An Intergalactic Explosion Are Greatly Exaggerated

For a few hours Tuesday, cosmic storm chasers thought they'd detected a huge explosion in the Andromeda galaxy.

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"The scairest thing I've done is ride a rocket ship to space" — Chris Hadfield James Duncan Davidson/TED hide caption

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TED Radio Hour

Chris Hadfield: How Do You Deal With Fear Versus Danger?

Astronaut and retired colonel Chris Hadfield discusses how to prepare your mind for the unexpected, and the worst.

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The Holmdel Horn Antenna at Bell Telephone Laboratories in New Jersey was built in 1959 to make the first phone call via satellite. NASA hide caption

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NASA Administrator Charles Bolden speaks during a news conference in Berlin on Monday. Bolden said no single country was indispensable to the International Space Station's success. Michael Sohn/AP hide caption

toggle caption Michael Sohn/AP

An image shot by NASA's Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) aboard the Aqua satellite on Wednesday. It shows multiple wildfires in Calif. trailing smoke into the Pacific Ocean. Lynn Jenner/NASA/Goddard hide caption

toggle caption Lynn Jenner/NASA/Goddard

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