An artist's depiction of NASA's Spirit rover on the surface of Mars. Spirit became unresponsive in March 2010. NASA announced it had ended attempts to communicate with the rover on May 24, 2011. NASA hide caption

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Framed in the doors of the Kennedy Center's Vehicle Assembly Building, the crawler begins the long journey toward Launch Pad 37B with space shuttle Discovery in April 2005. This enormous cross between a tank and a cargo ship is the largest self-powered land vehicle in the world. NASA hide caption

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A satellite image shows a field of what may be buried pyramid sites in Egypt. Courtesy of DigitalGlobe Images hide caption

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A recent view of Earth from the International Space Station. NASA hide caption

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Radio telescopes of the Allen Telescope Array, seen here soon after their construction in 2007, gave SETI's search for intelligent alien life a big boost. Now the array, located in Hat Creek, Calif., has lost the funding it received from the California state government. Ben Margot/AP hide caption

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Brenda Mulberry runs a T-shirt and custom merchandise shop just a few miles from Kennedy Space Center. Her husband, Gerry, was let go last month after spending most of his adult life working as a contractor on NASA's shuttle program. Mark Stencel/NPR hide caption

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