Sean Morey, then with the Arizona Cardinals, celebrates after blocking a punt against the Seattle Seahawks in 2007. Morey, who suffers from post-concussion syndrome, retired from the NFL in 2010 on the advice of doctors. Stephen Dunn/Getty Images hide caption

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Gas flaring near Highway 85 southwest of Williston. Analysts estimate that almost 30 percent of the gas being produced in the state is burned off. Jeff Brady/NPR hide caption

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Graduate student Jennifer Klunk of McMaster University examines a tooth used to decode the genome of the ancient plague. Courtesy of McMaster University hide caption

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Tucker West started in luge when he was 6. Brett West hide caption

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Ford's use of a moving line reduced a car's assembly time from 12 hours to 93 minutes, but this made the work repetitive for workers like the ones here, who are making flywheels. So Ford paid workers $5 a day, an extraordinary amount at the time. AP hide caption

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Chad Goller-Sojourner (center) and his family. Courtesy Chad Goller-Sojourner hide caption

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A group called StudentRND throws 24-hour code-a-thons for programmers of all backgrounds and skill levels. Coders show up at noon on Saturday, pitch ideas, form teams and code through the night trying to finish by noon on Sunday. Above, StudentRND participants work at a 2011 CodeDay in Seattle. StudentRND hide caption

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Computer networks and GPS systems are only possible because of the precision timekeeping of atomic clocks like the one above, says clockmaker and physicist Jun Ye. Ye Group and Baxley/JILA hide caption

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Bronx native Johnny Torres says he was addicted to drugs before he found Jesus in the Charismatic Catholic movement. Marlon Bishop/Latino USA hide caption

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Pope Francis waves to faithful during the Angelus prayer from his studio overlooking St. Peter's Square at the Vatican on Sunday. President Obama will meet with the pope for the first time in March. Alessandra Tarantino/AP hide caption

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Kendall Schrantz, center, stretches after a class at Downsize Fitness in Fort Worth. Lauren Silverman for NPR hide caption

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Tracks from NASA's Opportunity rover disappear toward the horizon on the Meridiani Plains of Mars. The rover has been on the planet since 2004. NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell University hide caption

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MetLife Stadium in New Jersey will hold the 2014 Super Bowl. The stadium gets a break on local property taxes. Julio Cortez/AP hide caption

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President Barack Obama talks about National Security Agency surveillance Jan. 17 at the Justice Department in Washington. Seeking to calm a furor over U.S. surveillance, the president called for ending the government's control of phone data from hundreds of millions of Americans and immediately ordered intelligence agencies to get a secretive court's permission before accessing the records. Carolyn Kaster/AP hide caption

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