In the wake of its own scandal almost a decade ago, the Catholic Church in the U.S. says it has reformed its policies for handling sexual abuse allegations and will remove from ministry every priest who is credibly accused of abuse. hide caption

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Magritte's 1964 painting The Intimate Newspaper gets us thinking: Who is this? A familiar friend or a complete stranger? Rene Magritte/Corbis hide caption

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Scientists altered people's perceptions of right and wrong by applying magnetic stimulation to the brain. The study is part of a larger effort by scientists to explain the mechanics of how the brain makes moral judgments. hide caption

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Obama holds 4-year-old Barack Anthony Stroud at the University of Iowa Field House in Iowa City, Iowa, Thursday. Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Jay Kulkarni and his lunch mates at Urbana Middle School near Frederick, Md., all say they have been bullied. But they are learning how to fight back — by not fighting back. Instead, their school tries to address the culture of bullying and teaches kids how to deal with the problem. Larry Abramson/NPR hide caption

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Michael J. Madsen just sent his notice giving up his part-time gig teaching commercial photography. He says he's happy staying at home with his son, Jenson, and when he enters the workforce again, he'll be a baby photographer. Courtesy of Michael J. Madsen/ hide caption

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On the streets of Kingston, Jamaica, women buy bleaching products sold in plastic bags without labels. Davia Nelson for NPR hide caption

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Staff Sgt. Marti Ribeiro interviews an Army sergeant while embedded with a combat unit in Afghanistan. Courtesy of Marti Ribeiro hide caption

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Given painful budget cuts in the New York school system, parents say their homemade confections are a more wholesome way to help fund school programs. Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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