Veterinarian Diane Febles (left) and her assistant, Tracey McKnight, of Veterinary Equine Dentistry work on a horse in Henry County, Ga. The silver speculum keeps the horse's mouth open and prevents the animal from biting Febles' fingers. Joanne Silberner/NPR hide caption

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Muslim scholar Tariq Ramadan, pictured here at a conference in France on April 25, is now able to enter the U.S. He tells NPR that when he speaks in the U.S., he's too much of a Muslim and when he speaks in the Muslim world, he's too much of a Westerner. Jean Sebastien Evrard/AFP/Getty Images hide caption

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Some evidence from wild chimpanzee communities in Guinea suggests that when young chimps die, mothers continue to carry and groom them for some time. These two chimps live in captivity. hide caption

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Waynoka Historical Society Collection/'Appetite for America'

David Russell's latest album explores the guitar sounds of Latin America. M. Riveiro hide caption

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Nat King Cole at the piano in 1951, the year "Too Young" was a huge hit. Hulton Archive / Getty Images hide caption

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50 Great Voices

Nat King Cole: An Incandescent Voice

What defined Nat King Cole's greatness, and his groundbreaking success, wasn't his piano playing; it was his voice.

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Actor Michael J. Fox has written a new book aimed at graduates called A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Future. Bryan Adams hide caption

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Paul Rhymer, the last Smithsonian taxidermist, just retired after 25 years in the job his father and grandfather once held. hide caption

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