The "Louie Louie" record, shown in 2003 ahead of an eBay auction, was a huge hit in the '60s. The hard-to-decipher lyrics led to some sordid speculation among teen listeners — and some fretting among those teens' parents. Elaine Thompson/AP hide caption

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Neil Richardson (left) and John Jemison even fold their arms the same way. Toby Van de Velde /Courtesy of Neil Richardson hide caption

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Pet Rock creator Gary Ross Dahl became a millionaire from his rock sales in the 1970s. Each rock came in a special box (bottom left) with a detailed instruction manual. San Francisco Chronicle/AP hide caption

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The launch of Mighty Mini Meals has been so successful that other food manufacturers are now rolling out doll-scale packaged foods, like this tiny hamburger. iStockphoto hide caption

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The contents of Weekend Edition host Rachel Martin's junk drawer. What's in yours? Rachel Martin/NPR hide caption

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