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Duncan Sheik

Duncan Sheik burst onto the music scene in 1997 with his hit single "Barely Breathing," and garnered rave reviews for his own brand of folk-tinged pop music. For his fourth record, Daylight, New York-based Sheik — singer, songwriter, composer, producer and guitarist — dares to rock out a little more than usual. He talks to NPR's Jacki Lyden.

Anouar Brahem and the Art of the Oud

In Anouar Brahem's native Tunisia, the oud is known today mainly in the context of loud and large ensembles that leave it all but buried in a dervish of sound. But Brahem highlights the stringed instrument in a delicate, often introspective context. On his new CD, Le pas du chat noir, the oud is part of an unlikely trio including piano and accordion. He talks with Liane Hansen on Weekend Edition Sunday.

Graham Nash: 'Songs for Survivors'

Graham Nash releases a new solo album, Songs for Survivors. For Weekend Edition Sunday, he performs two songs from the album, and talks about his relationship with David Crosby, his photography, and the art of writing "simple songs." NPR Online has the interview in its entirety and a video of his performance in Studio 4A.

Irish Band Bends Tradition

Known as a traditional Irish band, Solas decided to try something new on its latest CD: blending traditional Celtic music with more contemporary songs from Bob Dylan, Tom Waits and others. They recently visited NPR to perform songs from their new CD, The Edge of Silence. (Shanachie Re

Celtic Fiddlers

Renee talks with three folk fiddlers who make up the band "Celtic Fiddle Festival." They're currently touring the west coast of the U.S., playing Celtic tunes from Ireland, Brittany, and Scotland. There's one fiddler from each nation, so they each take a solo turn to show how their styles are different. Celtic Fiddle Festival's latest CD is called, Rendezvous.

A Mexican Christmas

Tish Hinojosa is a singer/songwriter from San Antonio, Texas. She talks about her memories of Christmas in a Mexican-American household — the smells, the sights and, most importantly, the sounds. And she plays songs that take her, and many other Mexican Americans, back to their childhood: "Arbolito," "A La Nanita Nana," and "Las Mananitas."

Bela Fleck

Liane Hansen speaks with banjo virtuoso Bela Fleck. The five-time Grammy winner has presented the instrument in jazz, rock, bluegrass and country settings. Now he's entered the classical world, playing everything from Bach to Beethoven to Chopin on a new cd, Perpetual Motion (Sony Classical SK 89610). Fleck also plays a selection for us from the studios of WPLN in Nashville.