Vic Chesnutt, Live in Studio 4A

Songwriter Vic Chesnutt has often been called gifted, but in the past, his introspective, idiosyncratic music has been deemed too gloomy for the masses. On his latest CD, Silver Lake, Chesnutt's songs take an upbeat turn, though his homey narrative style and gallows humor remain. Listen to songs from Silver Lake, and watch Chesnutt's performance in NPR's studio 4A.

Jonatha Brooke, Live in Studio 4A

Singer-songwriter Jonatha Brooke is something of an underground sensation, with an adoring fan base built largely on word of mouth and extensive touring with her band. Hear five full-length cuts from her recent performance in NPR's Studio 4A, and view a video of Brooke and her band performing the title track to her latest CD, Steady Pull.

The Jayhawks, Live in Studio 4A

The Jayhawks were at the forefront of the modern "alt-country" sound. There first album, 1991's Hollywood Town Hall, is a favorite of music critics and a devoted fan base. Now the Jayhawks have a new album and a new passion for spreading the word. Hear full-length cuts from their live performance in NPR's Studio 4A.

Vince Gill, Live in Studio 4A

Vince Gill is a can't-miss country music hit maker whose signature sound combines the pop feel of modern country acts with a deep love and respect of traditional country music soul. Gill sat down recently with NPR's Melissa Block to play some songs from his new album. Watch a video of Gill perform a solo rendition of "We Had It All" and hear him perform other songs exclusive to

Lang Lang, Live in Studio 4A

Piano prodigy Lang Lang, just 20 years old, describes touching the keys as an electrical force. He's making his first appearance at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., where he'll perform the world premiere of Eight Memories in Water Color by Chinese composer Tan Dun. Hear Lang Lang perform two pieces on piano, and listen to a duet with his father, playing the traditional Chinese violin, the er hu

Charlie Hunter, Live in Studio 4A

A snappy new CD by the Charlie Hunter Quintet features harmonica, sax, trombone, drums, and guitar, underpinned by a funky bass line — but there's no bass player listed in the liner notes. That's because Hunter does double duty, playing bass and guitar lines with his custom-made eight-string guitar. NPR's Liane Hansen talks with Hunter about his unique playing style.

Rosanne Cash, Live in Studio 4A

Rosanne Cash, the daughter of country music legend Johnny Cash, is singing again — and that's no small thing. About three years ago, large polyps on her vocal chords kept her from singing. But after lots of therapy, she completed her first album in seven years. Cash talks about her long path back with NPR's Melissa Block — listen to full-length cuts of songs from her latest CD, Rules of Travel, recorded live in NPR's Studio 4A.

Patty Larkin, Live in Studio 4A

Her lyrics are vivid and intensely visual, and rich with intricate wordplay. Singer Patty Larkin totes her guitar to Studio 4A for a performance chat with NPR's Bob Edwards — and reveals an unexpected rhyme for "harmonica."