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Pennsylvania Turnpike Blues

Pennsylvania Turnpike Blues... Tell me which exit shall I choose?

The lyrics seem tailor-made for the dilemma facing Keystone State voters this week — Singer Kate McGarrigle alerted us to this song, "Pennsylvania Turnpike Blues." It was actually written way back in 1971 by one Alex Shoumatoff. If that name rings a bell, you may know his work better as a journalist for Vanity Fair. He's posted the full back story on the song, a video featuring vintage PA postcards, and thoughts about the song's current significance on the Vanity Fair website.



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Uh . . . that's "tailor-made."

Sent by Jim Manheim | 9:21 AM | 4-20-2008

Right you are. Fixed. --Ned.

Sent by Ned Wharton | 9:37 AM | 4-20-2008

For me travel at a high rate of speed with the wind in my face and beautiful country all around me clears my mind, not confuse. Alex was in that time of his life, in '71, when young adults are confused but profess to know everything. One word of advise. Don't quite your day job, Alex.

Sent by dativer | 11:35 PM | 4-21-2008