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Democrats press on in Indiana and North Carolina

Democrats press on in Indiana and North Carolina

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Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama is leading rival Hillary Clinton right now in the party's caucuses in Guam. But both candidates are stumping hard as they prepare for Tuesday's primaries in Indiana and North Carolina.

Obama is spending his day in Indiana, continuing his attempts to recover from what he calls "a rough couple of weeks." He says his mission is even more urgent now because of the challenges the country faces. Senator Barack Obama also told the crowd they can't afford a Washington where politicians focus only on how to win instead of why they should:

"Where they check the polls before they check their gut. Where they only tell us whatever we want to hear whenever we want to hear. That kind of politics may get them where they need to go but it doesn't get America to where we need to go. It won't change anything." — Barack Obama

Hillary Clinton is spending much of her day in North Carolina. In Wake Forest, she echoed Obama's concerns about the challenges facing the nation and stressed her disagreement with Obama on how to solve the gas price problem. She repeated her proposal to have oil companies pay the federal gas tax this summer. Clinton also asked voters to think about the differences between she and Obama when they go to the polls on Tuesday.



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Sent by BRYCE MCMURRY | 6:28 PM | 5-3-2008

I'm concerned about Hillary Clinton and the Paul v. Clinton case. I understand it's about illegal campaign solicitation and cover up of Hillary Clinton's largest Senate campaign contribution. Its relevance today is the way that it's all being handled, and what it suggests about the Clintons' honesty, integrity, to say nothing about willingness to flout the law to obtain their way. I understand that on April 25, 2008, the Judge hearing the case decided that Hillary Clinton didn't have to testify about it until after the November election. It seems odd to wait. It would appear best to get all of that out of the way now, provided there's nothing amiss. But the American people should know what's going on, and not keep this all covered up.

I'm amazed that the only place I learn about this issue is when I do internet searches. It is nowhere to be found in mainstream media. It would seem that it would come up in the "vetting" of Hillary. Why hasn't it? This is critical!

Sent by Camille | 9:09 PM | 5-3-2008

This may be our one chance for real change in DC or we can choose politics-as-usual. We know what Hillary represents; Bill's main accomplishments were NAFTA, bankrupt welfare reform, and scandals - hardly Democratic ideals. Hillary brings that trail of lies and corruption with her. Do we just want more of that? And, McCain, the Chamelion, represents more-of-the-same neocon/corporate politics-of-the-moment.

We've got to change the path we're on. Let's give Obama a chance and see if we can be America again!

Sent by Hiswindow | 10:32 AM | 5-4-2008

I have been a volunteer with the Obama campaign and spent yesterday on the phone with NC residents who are Democrats. If the power of prayer is important, they are certainly supporting Barack.
I had a young organizer staying with me and was amazed about the dedication in this campaign. At 22 years of age, he had left a good job in Chicago to be part of this; they were working 14-16 hour days. That's real dedication to a cause, in light of the job market right now. What enthusiasm for Senator Obama, from both workers and voters!

Sent by Donna Robertson | 11:31 AM | 5-4-2008