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Race and Politics

Race and Politics Call-out

We are getting closer to the launch of our web and radio series on Race and Politics but we still need your help. Send your views to Get My Vote, an online space created by NPR for people to explain their core political beliefs and share personal stories this election season. We are particularly interested in folks supporting Senator John McCain given that we have a good number of entries from Barack Obama supporters.

Here's a sampling from the responses we have gotten so far:

Raised Racist
"Here's how I first became aware of race: I was four. My father and I were at the checkout stand in a liquor store. A dark-skinned old man in denim overalls took a place in line at the counter next to me. I had never seen anyone that color before. The old man smiled at me, and I smiled back. I turned to my father and asked, "Who's that?" He hissed: "Shhhh, I'll tell you later!"

The Truth About Race
Im going to say some things here that I think alot of people would like to say and are afraid to. Im going to say alot of things here that many people will probably get bent out of shape over. Im going to say some things here that might possibly ban this letter from appearing on "Get My Vote." Im going to tell the truth from a white mans point of view.