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Listen to an excerpt from Liane's interview with Daniel Radcliffe and Richard Griffiths. What was it about Equus that made them want the part?
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The Story Behind Booking Equus

The Story Behind Booking Equus

Listen to an excerpt from Liane's interview with Daniel Radcliffe and Richard Griffiths. What was it about Equus that made them want the part?
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Liane Hansen, Weekend Edition Host

It took 27 years to get the opportunity to interview Daniel Radcliffe and Richard Griffiths. I know, how can that be. Daniel is only 19. Here's the story.


Equus stars Daniel Radcliffe and Richard Griffiths Carol Rosegg hide caption

toggle caption Carol Rosegg

In 1981, I was a freelance theater reporter in NY for NPR. I became friends with Sam Rudy, who was beginning his career as a theater publicist. I can't even begin to enumerate the number of less than stellar productions we saw. Once, after a particularly awful first act of a way off Broadway show, I got up to leave during intermission. He was in the lobby and asked if I was going home. I answered honestly, and he confessed that he would leave if he could.

We became close friends. I am now the host of a national radio show. He now has a number of successful Broadway shows to his credit. During one of my visits to NY at the beginning of this year, he told me that he would be handling Equus. I knew it would be THE theater story during the new season. So, I asked him if I could do the interview with Daniel and Richard and he said I was at the top of his list.

Although Daniel is the object of everyone's curiousity, I was more interested in Richard. He is one of the great British actors and I knew a lot about him because of the years I spent in London working for a West End producer.

I saw Equus a little over a week before I was scheduled to talk to the stars. Sam took me backstage to meet Richard, and I turned to jelly in his presence. He knew the producer I had worked for, and we began to talk about London theater, radio, and all the nuances in the play. There is a scene where his character pulls out a blue pack of Dunhill light cigarettes. I smoked those when I lived in London (don't worry I've quit smoking). He told me that he actually puts regular strength cigarettes in the box. Dunhill regulars are in a red box. He said the set designer, John Napier, does not want the color red anywhere on the set because it is the color of blood. And given the play is about a boy who blinds horses, Napier wanted the blood only to exist in the imagination of the audience.


Daniel Radcliffe in Equus Carol Rosegg hide caption

toggle caption Carol Rosegg

The rapport we established in his dressing room translated into a very comfortable and lively interview, even though I was in Washington and he was in NY. The bonus is that Daniel Radcliffe was comfortable, too. The end result is our listeners will be able to gain some insight into the play as well as hear these two fine actors talk about how they do what they do so well.

How did you like the interview?



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Great story, and great interview, too!


Sent by mark | 9:00 AM | 9-21-2008

I was excited to stumble on this fascinating interview on Sunday morning. What a treat! Now I have to get a ticket to the play.


Sent by DAVE TURNAGE | 9:06 AM | 9-21-2008

Very intresting interview. I hope I can go to see the play, butin any case I wish Daniel Radcliffe luck in his role!

Sent by Avery Desrosiers | 9:08 AM | 9-21-2008

interview brought back the original ny
performance as a moving study of sexual
taboos.was Richard Burton the psychiatrist?

Sent by Frank Bisk | 9:13 AM | 9-21-2008

Liane, Also saw EQUUS last week. Had seen the original. This one was spellbinding - beautifully acted, sensitively staged. And what a pleasure to be in the theater where the diction is so clear you can understand every word without being blasted out of the theater by the sound system. If there were only more like this! Thanks

Sent by Kenneth Raybuck | 9:15 AM | 9-21-2008

Thank you all for your comments. Frank, Richard Burton did play Dysart. He replaced Anthony Hopkins. Alec McGowan originated the role in London

Sent by Liane | 10:25 AM | 9-21-2008

I flew to London last year specifically to see Equus after having seen it in New York as a teenager. It was still as captivating as before and Dan Radcliffe was superb. Richard Griffiths was, as always, phenominal. I also loved him in History Boys. I hope many people will see this disturbing classic and look at it from the viewpoint it was intended and not for the nudity. The nudity is only a small part of the story.

Sent by James Weis | 11:18 AM | 9-21-2008

I have been hearing your voice for so
many years in the car on my way to church, But now I moved and I am already in church when you air. Today I was sick and in bed and was pleased to hear you - like an old friend. Thanks

Sent by Josephine Zaccaria | 12:22 PM | 9-21-2008

Almost two decades ago our regional black-box community theatre produced Equus, wearing dance body suits instead of being nude. No way a conservative theater-going public would accept a nude teen-sex scene, no matter how appropriate to the plot. It's a beautifully disturbing play and so worth being produced, cheers to Radcliffe and Griffiths for bringing so much attention to it! I'm very jealous I won't be able to visit New York again during its run.

Sent by Janean Jorgensen | 1:06 PM | 9-21-2008

really want to see this play. Will it be showed in Los Angeles?

Sent by Echo Ma | 1:24 PM | 9-21-2008

I was glued to my radio, waiting for your interview of Richard and Daniel. I am a big fan of theater/theatre and these wonderful actors. Best of luck to them. Would love to see the play first hand.

Sent by Erika in Seattle | 1:53 PM | 9-21-2008

Great interview. I enjoyed it very much. My friend and I are looking forward to going to to New York to see Equus in October. It will be our first play we have ever seen on Broadway.

Sent by Terri | 2:43 PM | 9-21-2008

Wonderful interview. My daughter and I saw Equus on Sept. 10. We both felt honored to see such great theater. After the show, we watched Richard and Daniel come out to sign autographs. What gentlemen they are!!

Sent by Sherry Matlack | 4:09 PM | 9-21-2008

Wondeful interview with two great actors.

Sent by Sonja | 5:04 PM | 9-21-2008

Fantastic interview! I never listen to NPR, but because of interviews like this, you won me over. Great insights into the show--I look forward to seeing it.

Sent by LB | 5:14 PM | 9-21-2008

Thank you so much for your conversation with these two wonderful actors. I felt like I was in a livingroom with all of you- I appreciate the tone and intelligence of the work. The play is amazing and this cast and crew is obviously doing it justice. Thank you for giving me a window into it since Montana is a bit too far to make the play.

Sent by Rose | 6:50 PM | 9-21-2008

We saw EQUUS in Stratford, Ontario. Even sat on stage as part of the background scenery. I can't imagine how the Broadway show will handle the 6 horses. Stratford's were men in black on raised horseshoes. Let me know how this presentation does it, please.

Sent by Carolyn Russell | 8:34 PM | 9-21-2008

Richard and Dan continue to enthrall theatre goers with their portrayals of the characters Alan Strang and Dr. Dysart. I look forward to seeing the play in Oct. to experience the power and emotion of their acting for myself. Until then, I very much appreciate interviews such as this one.

Sent by Louise | 10:36 PM | 9-21-2008

Wonderful interview-bravo to Richard and Daniel-Richard for recognizing the power of young people to move beyond the expectations society sets for them, and to Daniel for setting that example for others. I recently ran a leadership conference for young men and women that are Daniel's age, and whether they are organizing community activities, or sharing the gift of the arts, they are a powerful group of individuals, and I commend Richard and Daniel for recognizing their own contributions, and Liane for sharing them with us. I look forward to seeing Equus myself next month.

Sent by Jody | 10:42 PM | 9-21-2008

This interview made my day- I'm very pleased that NPR got an interview with these two actors and talked about the brilliant play Equus as opposed to "Harry Potter is naked". I can't wait to see it, thanks Liane!

Sent by Caitlin Morris | 11:26 PM | 9-21-2008

Loved your interview; listened twice. Hope to see Equus in NY; however, might it come to Boston? Didn't know Griffiths before HP (shame on me!)but am hooked. What a voice; what diction. Of course what's not to love about Radcliffe!

Sent by Joyce Burrell | 5:58 AM | 9-22-2008

Excellent interview - but I did wish someone had at least mentioned the name of Peter Shaffer, who wrote "Equus". After all, with him....
By the way, the original Dysart in London was Alec McCowen, now McGowan. He was wonderful - as is Richard Griffiths.

Sent by Susan Cooper | 11:51 AM | 9-22-2008

Great interview with both men. I look forward to hearing more.

Sent by Penny | 1:57 PM | 9-22-2008

good job!

Sent by griffin connors | 4:22 PM | 9-23-2008

I am a college student studying theatre, and just listened to this interview. I have previously done theatre in high school and as an actor that has done a dcent amount of stage acting but not a whole lot, I realized that I have run into a lot of the same occurences onstage that Daniel has. For instance, at times I have forgot parts of my lines while onstage, and worked with the other actors to save a line (or two). It is a satisfying feeling to know that the scene has been saved, and the audience has no idea whatsoever.

Sent by Colter B. | 4:32 PM | 9-23-2008

I can't believe I missed this on air! Dan has become an impressive actor, and Mr. Griffiths is as well, of course. If I had the funds, I'd come up and see the play. "Break a leg" to both men!

Sent by Linda | 4:42 PM | 9-23-2008

I found this to be a very efficient and informative interview about "Equus", it gives the American audience a preview of what is going to be on broadway and what to expect for the show which I think is important going into a show. This show is described by Richard as a crisis of fate, and I found the clip they played for the interview to be very intriguing making me want to go see it. Richard Griffith and Daniel Radcliffe seem to have good chemistry in the interview and also the play so I would be interested in seeing how their chemistry from the Potter films comes into play in Equus. I found it very interesting that Radcliffe's favorite part of transition from film to stage is when lines are dropped, because you get to sucessfully rescue the scene when a line is dropped. He described it as "exciting and exuberating" which I though as a 19 year old myself; he must be really brave to stand in front of millions doing what he does in the play. Also, for Radcliffe to be comfortable being nude in front of a theatre full of people, really does make him a role model in my opinion for the courage he had to take on this role in "Equus." I think that Radcliffe will end up becoming an American broadway star and I would be interested in buying a ticket to see how his performance is. Between the moments of intensity described in the interview, and the combination of adolescense, sexuality, and passion that Radcliffe talks about, this show is sure to be a hit in New York.

Sent by Stephen Gomes | 5:45 PM | 9-23-2008

What a magical story...what more can I expect from NPR that Liane have a personal connection with such a significant event...thank you NPR for providing the conduit from which I learn more everyday....

Sent by Suzi | 9:35 PM | 9-23-2008

Thank you all again for your stories and feedback.
Carolyn, the horses in the NY production wear brown pants - like jeans but more velvet-like with sheer brown long sleeve shirts. The 4 inch silver horseshoes remain, the heads are silver - but woven not solid, with electric light eyes

Sent by Liane | 10:18 PM | 9-23-2008

This was a wonderful interview! I was glued to the radio. Like another listener I hope Equus comes to Los Angeles. Sometimes magic happens on NPR! Thanks.

Sent by Maureen Mercury | 8:00 AM | 9-24-2008

This interview pulled the viewer in on all the major important pieces, which makes you want to go see the story in person so you can put all the missing information together to create the whole picture. Listening to this interview gave me a very enlightening and well-organized view on what "Equus" was about. It allows you to get a good picture planned out before actually seeing the show. The interview created the image of this play to be a crisis, which was very interesting causing you to be pulled in and want to go see the play. The two actors in the interview seemed to be able to work well together making their performance to be as strong as possible.

Sent by annie Brown | 12:44 PM | 9-24-2008

after listening to this interview with daniel and richard both from harry potter it seems like this theater performace may be good. i only know them from the harry potter movies. It sounds like daniel has grown as an actor because he is put into these situation where he has to act certain ways or try and recover a scene from a missed or messed up line.

Sent by anthony | 2:42 PM | 9-24-2008

I believe that the child we have all seen in Harry Potter is finally breaking out of film and could possibly become the next great thing to hit theatre. His ability in answering Liane Hansen's questions with the maturity of a professional actor was amazing to hear and I believe that if he pursues his career in theatre acting he will be known more as Harry Potter.
This interview was very well done and very informative, Thank you!

Sent by Andrew H. | 3:29 PM | 9-24-2008

Coming from the prospective of a freshman in college (age 18) I have to say that I envy Daniel in a sense. Not just for the fame and "blocking New York traffic" but for his accomplishments. I do not see him as a big time Hollywood movie star in the slightest and being able to jump from Harry onto a Broadway hit in Equus is impressive. It's an obstacle that many actors cannot accomplish and from what I hear in this interview; through you, Richard and Daniel himself, he has tackled this obstacle with great ambition. A job well done for him and I look forward to seeing how his career unfolds through the years. Very good interview.

Sent by Tyler F | 3:38 PM | 9-24-2008

After hearing the interview, I was struck by wanting to see the this Broadway performance. It definitely caught my attention. It enlightened us about what to expect about "Equus" and what it was like for Daniel and Richard to be in this play. I like how Daniel was never a big star before HP, so its great to see someone who had almost no experience in this to be outstanding and growing as an actor and person. I liked how the conversation was relaxed and they let us know they do screw up lines and make jokes out of it. This sounds to me to be defintely a hit in the United States. Great Interview! :)

Sent by Lindsey Mulligan | 4:19 PM | 9-24-2008

I think that this interview was extremely enlightening and gave me a good perspective through the actor's eyes. I think that it must be difficult for Daniel to go from such a high profile film actor in the Harry Potter films to 'Equus' in theatre but he seems to be extremely confident and I think it shows his vast amount of talents and abilities as an actor. He is most certainly an inspiration to anyone out there who wants to achieve something. Seeing someone of my relative age accomplish so much is extremely inspirational.
Through listening to this interview it really makes you interested and wants to go and see this performance in person and be able to experience everything that they were discussing. I found it very interesting when they are talking about previous chemistry between Radcliffe and Griffiths; I just expected that they would have that connection in the theatre from being on screen together, not thinking about the limited amount of scenes that they shared together. I am sure though that the familiar face was reassuring. Especially when the role you are portraying is so very different from what you are used to.

Sent by Christina C. | 4:32 PM | 9-24-2008

I am a college student currently taking a theater class. I am also 19 years old and I think Daniel Radcliffe is very brave and ambitious for taking on such a role. It takes a lot of maturity and experience to succeed in portraying a character such as the one described in Equus. Having not seen the Harry Potter movies I still feel, from the interview, that there is a good acting relationship between Richard Griffiths and Daniel Radcliffe. Daniel's favorite part about being on stage rather than on film would be my worst nightmare. Dropping lines in front of all those people I think would be very difficult for me. Daniel has a lot of confidence and strength to get out there and be completely nude in front of all those people; I'm sure that would be hard for some people to do especially at a young age. I'm interested to see how this play affects Daniel's career already being a well known film actor.

Sent by Caitlyn M. | 4:47 PM | 9-24-2008

I am a college student studying theatre and was asked to listen to this interview. I don't have any theatre back ground which I feel was a good thing in this situation because it allowed me to enter the interview with an open mind. Throughout the interview it was very easy to get a good picture of what the piece was all about which I am sure the actors were trying to do in order to ingage people in and get them to buy their tickets. The thing that I was most impressed with was how intune the two actors are with each other. They know one anothers style and habits so well that they could finish each others sentnces if they wanted. It was clear that to have a good working relationship on stage you must first know the person personally.

Sent by Dillan P | 5:23 PM | 9-24-2008

Before listening to this interview I had always just thought of Daniel as Harry Potter. Although after listening and hearing all about the role which he will playing in theatre, I am now aware of how much of a mature and professional actor he is outside of the Harry Potter movies. The role he plays is very challenging, and the fact that he is able to play that role and even appear on stage nude shows how talented he is and that he is a great actor that can play more roles than just a wizard. I think this was a very good interview and I am curious to see the play and hear about how it goes.

Sent by Jenn Z | 5:28 PM | 9-24-2008

After hearing this interview, I have gained a better understanding on just how talented Daniel Radcliffe really is. He is a versatile performer with the ability to act in film (Harry Potter), and now is on his way towards proving that he can act on a live set (Equus). It is incredible to be as talented as Radcliffe is at such a young age. This interview is very persuasive by incresing the viewers interest in seeing Equus. The interview pulled its viewers in by grabbing our attention with interesting facts about these two talented actors.

Sent by Lauren Sawyer | 6:39 PM | 9-24-2008

The interview gave me a very good idea of what the play is about. I found it very interesting when Daniel Radcliffe comments abouts about his personal experience with the differences in theatre and film. Most actors Daniel's age do not usually play mature roles like his in Equus, and I think that he's very brave for taking on a part like this. I also think that he is even more courageous by doing such a part in theatre. I love all the Harry Potter movies and I think Daniel Radcliffe did a great job in all of them, so I am definitely interested in seeing Equus.

Sent by Jillian Kirk | 6:42 PM | 9-24-2008

After hearing the interview, I had a better understanding about the play. I had no idea Daniel Radcliff could pull off such a role. I didn't him in anything else but Harry Potter. I am 19 also and I can't imagne all the work that goes into a play like "Equus". I think it's amazing that Daniel has such great talent to do these roles. The interview gave me a better idea on how much work and skill he put into it. I think he is very brave and I wished I had seen the performance!

Sent by Justene Walsh | 7:34 PM | 9-24-2008

I am a 19 year old college student currently in a theatre class who has no background of theatre. I have never been in any kind of show and have maybe been to two broadway shows in my life. I went into listening to this interview thinking that i wouldn't get it and would have no idea what they were talking about because i had never seen it, but i caught on fast. I think that this is good role for Daniel Radcliffe. Even though i have never seen any of the Harry Potter movies all i have heard about his is good things. He is a strong actor and this seems like a huge role he will be playing in Equus. It will be interesting to see how he does in a theatre set instead of a movie set. This was a great interview that grabs attention and gives some interesting facts!

Sent by Kristine P | 8:14 PM | 9-24-2008

Nice interview, great insight to the play and demonstrated well the actor's connection to the characters. made me want to go see it!

Sent by Melanie | 8:56 PM | 9-24-2008

That was an interesting but sometimes ironic interview. Especially when Daniel talks about how forgetting a line and staying in character is exciting. I find that to be intense but I've only been in that situation once. I am curious how well Daniel can pull this performance since it is his first performance. I am also curious how this story turns out since both actors say it deals with how the main character treats his disturbed act towards horses as a religion. And how Richard points out its a different type of thriller. I suppose that means the story's suspense is between the two main characters which makes me more curious to see Equus.

Sent by James Woodbury | 9:04 PM | 9-24-2008

i thought this was a very interesting interview. i couldn't believe daniel radcliffe does a nude scence on stage!

Sent by TRICIA | 9:51 PM | 9-24-2008

Its a great interview. Its always great to see young talent and legends respecting each other and getting along great. Dan sounds very intelligent and really knows what he's talking about for being only 19. Richard, of course, is a legend in acting and nothing really needs to be said about him. Dan and Richard compliment each other great.

Sent by Jon | 10:31 PM | 9-24-2008

I think this interview opened my eyes in what theatre actors have to go through. Also, how they adjust to acting in front of so many people, when Daniel Radcliff said going to the first day of rehearsal is like the first day of school

Sent by Alex Trubia | 11:49 PM | 9-24-2008

I loved how candid and comfortable Radcliffe and Griffiths seemed during the interview. I definately got a sense of their chemistry but found myself detached from the realm of Potter simply by how human they both seemed. Radcliffe's voice and tone seems much more mature than the Potter films, and I loved how Griffiths made the comment about how dropping a line is more ominous in theater in contrast to film. The interview added the necessary transition between film and what is known about Harry Potter and theatre and accepting these two actors as completely different characters. The interview made me much more eager to see the play and I've adopted a more optimistic view on Radcliffe's abilities and sense that he will finally branch outside the mold the Potter films have pinned him in.

Sent by Zach Paone | 12:32 AM | 9-25-2008

From the interview, it seems like Harry Potter has a very relaxed and laid back outlook on his first theatre appearance, Equus. I like how Harry's attitude towards it is that he just wants people to walk away from the play "blasted" by all the performance offered and have people coming up with all their own ideas about what happened next and how things were resolved. I thought it was funny that Potter was so psyched on the fact that he created a huge traffic jam on Broadway in New York City. HP seems very excited about the play and I sorta want to see it now.

Sent by Owen | 12:56 AM | 9-25-2008

As a College student, with my first and really only, hands on experience in theatre being about a week ago my eyes have really been opened to all that goes into acting and being an actor. Acting is not something that comes natural to all people, and in fact is a fear of the majority. However, Radcliffe has put this behind him and taken the opportunities presented to him and ran with them. At 19 years old Radcliffe is far more mature than many people his age. I know personally at age 20 I still get butterflies when asked to read a paper in front of the class, or things of that nature. However, Radcliffe is up in front of thousands and in a way almost looking forward to a mistake, which in most cases is actually many peoples worse nightmare on stage. Radcliffe doesn't panic when a line gets dropped but instead looks forward to recovering from it without the audience knowing. All and all many people I know that are 19 years old, or any age for that matter, can't get up on a stage in front of thousands and be successful, nor can they stop New York City traffic.

Sent by Doug Kendall | 1:11 AM | 9-25-2008

i am a 19 year old college student who is currently taking a theater class. i have a little bit of experience with acting, but not that much. even though i have not seen this play, i believe that the the roles that they have given to Daniel Radcliff and to Richard Griffiths was perfect. i have only seen Daniel Radcliff and Richard Griffiths in the Harry Potter movies, but i think that they can make this play into something spectacular.

Sent by Elise White | 7:44 AM | 9-25-2008

Listening to the interview, I was struck by the point Daniel Radcliffe brings up about introducing the Harry Potter audience to theatre. The majority of the people invested in the Harry Potter books and films are children, young adults and their parents. Drawing in these new audiences and exposing them to the world of theatre is a very valuable thing for today's film centered generation.

Sent by Natalie | 9:47 AM | 9-25-2008

I am a college student at Keene state college, and I had to listen to this interview for a class assignment. I found it to be both interesting and informative. Keep up the good work! You've earned yourself a new fan!

Sent by Mark Bridge | 11:38 AM | 9-25-2008

THe interview was good, it sparked some more interest in the play than i originally had. i especially liked Griffiths' quote "us and everyone listening to this is here because of the sum of our experiences". it really made me think. if i could a afford a broadway show, i'd go. i also think its great that through the harry potter films a whole new audience is being introduced to theatre

Sent by Brien | 11:39 AM | 9-25-2008

I think that this play will be very interesting. Radcliffe has been given this great opportunity to learn and grow as an actor. As a 19 year old myself I know i would not be able to stand in front of thousands of people a night, watching him. It takes tremendous talent to be able to do that, and I am excited to see what he will do with this opportunity.

Sent by Cassie Earley | 12:19 PM | 9-25-2008

Being a college student around the same age as Radcliffe, I know I couldn't get in front of hundreds of people and perform the way he does in front of a camera or on stage. I think it says a lot about him, he seems pretty humble about his success and pretty laid back about performing.

Sent by Dwight Churchill | 12:21 PM | 9-25-2008

As a college student and also a follower of all the harry potter books and movies i thought this interview was very interesting to see the transformation daniel radcliffe went through from being a film actor to performing on broadway. I am interested to see how well the show did and how many harry potter fans are drawn in by radcliffe, after all he did cause a traffic jam in NYC. Radcliffe seems very open and mature during his interview and that is very impressive for someone who is only 19 years of age. Along side his fellow harry potter cast mate he must feel a comfort knowing that he has a familiar face. I wonder if harry potter fans can get out of the harry potter mode while watching this play and only focus on equus. Good interview!

Sent by Kristy C. | 12:21 PM | 9-25-2008

Hearing from the actors themselves has really given me a great feel for the play, and am now inspired to try and seek out the broadway production and watch it myself. I am a huge fan of Danielle Radcliffe and the interview gives you a great feel that him and his fellow actor Richard Griffiths have a great relationship off the stage, which is sure to make magic on the stage. No doubt in my mind Equus is going to be a phenominal performance.

Sent by Brittney Markowski | 12:27 PM | 9-25-2008

It is interesting to hear such a acomplished actor talk about theatre versus film. Grifith makes allot of good points on how movies have special efeects and when on stage you have just a light and an imagination. I haven't heard much about this play but as I can tell from this article and interview it sounds epic. for mDaniel Ratcliff to say "I would be a moron If I didn't take this part" is pretty convincing on the fact that this actor has been in major motion pictures and other large theaters performances.

Sent by CLayton | 12:32 PM | 9-25-2008

I think that it was very interesting to here from Daniel how different it is on stage than doing a movie. He said that you can mess up on stage and nobody knows, its like we've fooled him. Yet in the movie if they mess up they do it over, and over until they get it right. This play shows the versatility of a lot of actors. I think its amazing how Daniel Radcliff and Richard Griffiths can go from the big screen to broadway like its no big deal

Sent by Ross | 12:35 PM | 9-25-2008

I am a college student with no background in theatre and after listening to the interview I got a bettter understanding of the play. At 19, his career in both film and theatre is going really good, and I am shocked that he does a nude scene on stage. The interview made me want to go see the play.

Sent by Tara | 12:37 PM | 9-25-2008

Im an 18 year old college student who is currently enrolled in a theatre class. I have no theatre background at all yet i am a film major. It was interesting to listen to the interview and how the actors Daniel and Richard have made the transistion from film to theatre. I think Daniel is extremly brave for taking on such a large part as his theatre career begins. It was very inciteful to listen to how they have adapted to the theatre world and bring the play Equus to life. As well it is intersting to see how audiences who have seen the Harry Potter movies react to Daniel and Richard playing the parts they now play in Equus.

Sent by Eric Trumpold | 12:48 PM | 9-25-2008

It seems that from radcliffe's demeanor he has made the transition from movie star to stage actor. From the interview we can see that young Mr. Potter has grown into a well versed actor of many layers. His comments throughout the interview were filled with confidence. There has been some controversy about the fact that our beloved teenage warlock appears naked in this production, but Radcliffe seems to take his role in seriously, and the nudity is something that can be overcome. The interview showed us how fast Radcliffe has matured and how far he has come as an actor.

Sent by Justin M | 1:13 PM | 9-25-2008

I am a college student and am currently taking my first theater class ever. Because of an acting exercise we had last week, I now know how hard acting really is, and I was just in front of my own class. I can't imagine being in front of thousands of people. That must have been a hard transition for daniel radcliffe going from behind the camera's to center stage in front of thousands. It sounds like an awesome play and I would love to watch it, I just don't have the money to get down there...

Sent by Dave | 1:15 PM | 9-25-2008

This was an interesting interview to listen to. Its neat hearing from Daniel Radcliff's point of view from on screen acting to on stage acting. As a film major in college, I enjoy learning about the difference and similarities between the two. Also, I am just starting to learn more about thearter, and hearing Daniel and Griffith's views on stage acting was both insightful and exciting.

Sent by Sam Vlasich | 1:22 PM | 9-25-2008

Being a huge fan of cinema, I never really got into theatre that much, nor have I ever shown much appreciation for it. I always thought of theatre as an art, but I never truly admired the art, nor did I ever really have much respect for the actors. I have always been too distracted by the mind blowing special effects of todays cinema to get into plays, however once I began taking a class on theatre in college, I slowly began to see what goes into performing a play. It requires hard work, determination, and most of all courage to stand in front of an audience of hundreds of people. Being a film major, I have a difficult time as it is with having to redo scenes over and over again until I get the take I like, so I couldn't imagine having to get it right first time every time. I admire Radcliffe and Griffith's switch from film to theatre because it is a drastic change. It is not as easy going before an audience as it is going before a camera.

Sent by Ethan David | 1:24 PM | 9-25-2008

I've only bothered to see one of the Potter films, the first one, and that was almost eight years ago. Radcliffe and Harry Potter's image are in no way inextricably linked in my imagination, so this doesn't seem so bizarre. I'm more curious about Peter Schaffer's connection to the true story that inspired the play, and how he fleshed it out from a heinous bit of gossip to a seemingly full fledged psycho-emotional profile. At any rate, the show sounds really interesting, if I lived closer to NYC and my pockets were fatter I'd check it out.

Sent by Travis E | 1:49 PM | 9-25-2008

Being a huge fan of cinema, I never really got into theatre that much, nor have I ever really appreciated it too much. I have always considered it an art, I just never really payed much attention to it. I was always too distracted by the mind-blowing special effects of todays cinema to follow theatre. This school year, I began a class on theatre, where I slowly began to appreciate it. It takes a lot of determination, hard work, and courage to stand before a large audience. Being a film major, I've always had enough trouble with having to shoot a scene numerous times to get the right take, so I couldn't imagine having to get it right the first try every time. I respect Radcliffe and Griffith a lot because I know it can't be easy switching from acting for a camera to acting for an audience. I'm sure they'll put on a great performance.

Sent by Ethan David | 1:50 PM | 9-25-2008

Being an actor, and being around Daniel Radcliffe's age it absolutely amazes me with his dedication to this play. The hardest thing to do on stage is just letting yourself go, and become the character. However, Daniel Radcliffe actually goes on stage, and 2 hours into the show the clothes are off. Talk about letting yourself go for a role! I remember having to do a role where I had to be seducing this guy on stage, and that alone was a bit awkward for me. Kudos to Daniel Radcliffe, and I hope his acting career carries on after the Harry Potter movies are finished.

Sent by Janis | 1:51 PM | 9-25-2008

Awesome move on Daniel Radcliffe's part to spread his wings as an actor and become involved in different types of productions. He seems quite relaxed about his experience so far and gives off an optimistic vibe. With the success of Harry Potter and Equus, its safe to say that we can expect great things from this young man for days to come.

Sent by andrew | 2:04 PM | 9-25-2008

This interview of Daniel Radcliffe and Richard Griffeths has got me very excited about the Equus theatre piece. I know that Daniel will pull a large group of film lovers and introduce them to the beauty of theatre which i think is great. It sound like a very serious and mature role for Daniel and Im excited to learn of the diversity in his talents. The two actors as a pair I think will make for a spectacular stage performance.

Sent by Koby | 2:15 PM | 9-25-2008

I thought this interview was very interesting. Just by listening to Daniel Radcliffe and Richard Griffeth talk you can hear their chemisty. I think they will both do very well acting together onstage because of their chemisty. I also cannot believe that Daniel Radcliffe does a nude scene even though he is affiliated as "Harry Potter" to many young children.

Sent by Nicole | 3:34 PM | 9-25-2008

Daniel is taking quite a risk in my eyes. I think that everyone has seen him as this idol of our generation in the role of Harry Potter. That image maybe a little tarnished. I could be wrong and it totally will help his career. I do agree that he will be bringing a lot of film goers into the theater for a stage performance but I'm not sure if it would be for all the right reasons.

Sent by Zach | 3:39 PM | 9-25-2008

I think that it was amazing that Daniel and Richard Griffeth had so much chemistry in the interview. They were laughing at eachothers jokes like they were old pals. I think that this will carry over to the stage and make for a great performance. I also can't believe Daniel Radcliffe does a nude scene with little children believing that he is "Harry Potter".

Sent by Nicole | 3:43 PM | 9-25-2008

I thought that this was a great interview. I am very excited about this play. It seems that Richard Griffeeth and Daniel Radcliffe have a close connection with each other as actors. It is enjoyable to here that two great actors from the television can go and do a play on broadway together. As Daniel put in the interview, people will connect with the Potter films and it will bring a broad audiance to the play.

Sent by Eli Mishkit | 3:52 PM | 9-25-2008

this was a great piece

Sent by Eli Mishkit | 3:55 PM | 9-25-2008