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Sent by Angie | 9:25 AM | 9-14-2008

I journaled this yesterday, but I was too busy working my 2nd and 1/2 job to distribute to my entire email list yesterday, but I plan to today!
As hard as democratic women have worked to get our status elevated in society, I will be damned if a republican woman is going to waltz in from out of nowhere (Alaska) and be the first VP or President of the United States of America. Damn democratic men.

Sent by Brenda St. John | 10:00 AM | 9-14-2008

The line, "It just goes to show that anyone can be president," by Tina Fey, like the proverbial "shot" heard 'round the world, this time the people are surely laughing.

Sent by Christopher Ivanyi | 10:04 AM | 9-14-2008

It is a sad fact, that satire is more informative then the crap spewed by the talking heads on TV.

Sent by apalazzo | 10:20 AM | 9-14-2008

This was great!!! I was ROFL!!! (rolling on the floor laughing)

Sent by Mary Ann | 10:22 AM | 9-14-2008

Hilarious! But voters take note... Palin could be your (next but one) President.

Sent by Les Forth | 10:39 AM | 9-14-2008

Wonder ifthis one will show onFox News.

Sent by KB | 10:42 AM | 9-14-2008

This was too funny. Too bad that this spoof contained more information than most news stories. Let's face it, Palin IS a nobody. Who cares what state she's from, she just doesn't have the qualifications to lead this country.

Sent by Karen | 10:49 AM | 9-14-2008

Funny, absolutely. Scary, frightening, absurd, bizarre, and so many other words that can't adequately describe the complete lack of critical thinking on the part of so many Americans.

Sent by Mimi | 11:30 AM | 9-14-2008

I'm alarmed that no one seems to be discussing the fact that if this woman becomes VP it will set women in this country back 50 years. If she actually became the President, not only would her leadership cause America to have trepidation in bringing another woman to the presidency, but like a traitor to her sex she would radically embrace stay-at-home mom legislation.

Sent by Micah | 11:44 AM | 9-14-2008

Haaaa ha ha ha

Sent by michele | 12:04 PM | 9-14-2008

Thank you for re-establishing the link -- wonder where it went...?
Tina Fey is fantastic and the comments are definitely on target and it's about time. Palin is NOT VP material in any way -- I can't imagine what John McCain or his staff were thinking! Micah is correct, if they were somehow voted into office it would set back women's rights 50+ years, although it seems that Bush has already started that process.

Sent by K Gross | 12:21 PM | 9-14-2008

What remarkable women. both of them. How wonderful that a woman who has actually raised children, served as governor of Alaska, and has the experience of taking on the enemy from both parties, will be potentially our next V.P. Now this make ME proud to be an American!!!

Sent by SoCal Mom | 12:28 PM | 9-14-2008

Hilaryous. I used to wonder how Hugo Chavez was ever elected in Venezuela, and laugh at his posturing and rhetoric. Now we have our answer to him in the USA.

Sent by CI | 12:34 PM | 9-14-2008

Hillary said it so well to the media:

"Grow a pair!"

Sent by Diane | 12:35 PM | 9-14-2008

SoCal Mom would be right....if the President were in the business of raising children! But presumably she wouldn't be; she'd be in the business of running the country. That being the case, Palin's credentials other than raising children are pretty paltry compared with Clinton's. And Clinton has also raised a fine daughter!

Sent by Charles | 12:41 PM | 9-14-2008

I should remind the Sarah Palin detractors that every law abiding citizen of 35 years of age is qualified to run for the office of Vice-President of the United States of America. One of our most noteworthy Presidents, Harry Truman, came to office as an ordinary member of society. He did rather well as President and I believe a woman of Sarah Palin's background could replicate his accomplishments... But what do I know, I'm just a retired, white, Viet Nam Veteran with a secure financial background. At least Sarah is not just another white, connected politician who would likely be a S.O.B. out in the business world. It will be nice to watch her raise her family in The Blair House! JDM

Sent by James D. McCoy | 1:05 PM | 9-14-2008

It occurs to me that Sarah Palin is the Tonya Harding of politics.
Also, if the difference between hockey moms and pit bulls is lipstick, how do you get the lipstick on a pit bull?

Sent by Julie Thompson | 1:19 PM | 9-14-2008

to James McCoy -- Palin's path is not like Truman's. To know Truman better, read David McCullough's book on him. I am quoting this from the R Bernstein article in the Int'l Herald Tribue: "But his route to the vice presidency wasn't so very unusual. What Palin neglected to mention in her speech, for example, is that when he was nominated as Franklin Roosevelt's running mate in the 1944 election, Truman had already been a United States senator for a decade." Palin is far less experienced than Truman was at this stage of his career!

Sent by Marian McDonald | 1:22 PM | 9-14-2008

I love it! Leave it to SNL to tell it like it is. I have not been able to understand why Palin has had so many supporters. The reasons that people decide to vote for an individual in this country are a bit frightening to me. It is more empowering for a woman to get elected into office based on her merits, not just because she is a woman. Palin's inexperience and lack of understanding of foreign policy will only result in the same quick and rash decisions (without the thought of the consequences) that the current administration has made, if not worse. Do we really want the first woman President/VP to hold that record? I thought that this skit was right on the money with my thoughts regarding the topic, not to mention very funny.

Sent by Kristen | 1:25 PM | 9-14-2008

Thank you for this!!! Tina needs to take this show on the road. She is frighteningly perfect. And for-what-its-worth, there's nothing like a funny pitbull story. Why, a pair of them attacked their owner here in Las Vegas yesterday and killed a 4-month old little girl. But I'm sure they're really very nice dogs.

Sent by Nita Green | 1:37 PM | 9-14-2008

As a resident of Ketchikan (The Bridge to Nowhere) and someone who is a direct recepient of Palin's "executive experience", let me assure you that Tina Fey's portrayal of Palin is actually flattering. For Alaskans, the only silver lining to having Palin as Vice-President would be that she would be out of the Governor's office. As a working mother, I'm offended by the Republicans' assumption that I would vote for anything in a skirt - even a pit bull with no experience!

Sent by Lisa in Ketchikan | 1:39 PM | 9-14-2008

Wow -- SNL was spot-on!

I am still amazed/appalled with McCain's
nomination of Sarah Palin as Vice President on his ticket -- this is a woman with has no national or international experience who will be just one 72-year-old, melanoma-survivor's heart-beat away from the most powerful position on this planet.

Aside from being completely inexperienced, she is a total hypocrite.

This is a woman who has benefited from the woman's movement -- She was
known as the "barracuda" on her girls high school basketball team (a
team made possible by Title IX -- the law that required schools and
colleges to offer girls sports teams if they had teams for boys).

She holds positions that would routinely have been denied to her 40 years ago (when newspapers ran classifieds under headings "Jobs Offered: Men" and "Jobs Offered: Women") yet she doesn't support legislation to help working women -- like equal pay for equal work or child-care assistance.

She is now actively supportive of her own daughter's teen pregnancy but as Alaska's Governor cut funds to an organization that helped unwed teenage mothers find housing and health care.

She proclaims herself as a fiscal conservative dedicated to a "balanced
budget" yet racked up nearly $20 million in long-term debt as mayor of
the tiny town of Wasilla (that amounts to $3,000 per resident) when she
built an expensive sports complex there on land with a title dispute that is still in litigation.

She claims that she said "thanks, but no
thanks" to the infamous Bridge to Nowhere but two years ago she
repeatedly stated that Alaska should take advantage of earmarks "while
our congressional delegation is in a strong position to assist."

She says that taxes should be cut yet crows that Alaskans receive an average
of more than $1000 annually in earmarks (not surprising since she has very close ties to the lobbyists -- as does McCain, who employs more than 50 of them on his campaign staff!)

Finally, she claims to be a good Christian, yet denigrated Barack Obama's work in Chicago -- Question: What do Martin Luther King, Jr, Susan B. Anthony, Harriet Tubman, Paul Revere, John Hancock, Gandhi, Moses and Jesus have in common?

They were all community organizers!

Sent by Carol Levin | 1:49 PM | 9-14-2008

From a pure resume review on leadership ,Palin exceeds the qualifications of Obama for sure, and perhaps Hillary. Although none of them would be my choice on experience, think of the cockpit of an airliner; do you want inexperience in the left seat or the right seat?
I bet the dead democratic Presidents are rolling over in their graves over Obama being a candidate.


Sent by James Trower | 1:50 PM | 9-14-2008

I have never been so afraid in all life. Afraid the majority of voting Americans will continue to go through life with thier heads in the sand. Afraid, that in anger disinfrachised Clinton supporters will become the suicide bombers of this political season. Afraid that the only mirror we are willing to look into is held up by our comedic entertainers who are NOT afraid to stand in front of us and show us who we really are. WE are the ones who need to grow a pair!

Sent by Geoffrey, in ignorant bliss. | 2:10 PM | 9-14-2008

The satire is incredible. Congrats to SNL for making yourselves politically relevant again.
As for those of you who feel betrayed by Palin's selection, particularly you vehement women, please, please get out there and do what she's done. While she may not be your poster child for the womens movement, she is a great example for women everywhere. No man handed her Alaskan political success to her; she didn't inherit the office, use Daddy's money, or take over for a deceased husband. She has used a saavy blend of charisma, hard work, good timing, and opportunity to get where she is. She would have never been noticed by any VP committee without the 80% approval success she's garnered in Alaska.
Be frustrated with her selection but please don't trash Mrs. Palin for being an above average woman who has made her own success.

Sent by Scott | 2:28 PM | 9-14-2008

Brilliant sketch! I am proud to say that right above my Obama bumper sticker, I have another sticker. "My pit bull is smarter than your hockey mom!!!" I say that as an intelligent woman and an owner of a pit bull.

Sent by Laura Stewart | 2:30 PM | 9-14-2008

Since when have human beings aspired to be like bit-bulls? That's what we are seeking in a vice president?

Sent by Margo | 2:33 PM | 9-14-2008

Yes, anyone can be president if only they get enough votes/voices that will be heard. I voted for Obama in the primary but I'll be voting for McCain/Palin in Nov. Sorry about all you disgruntled fellow registered Democrats, you should try to find someone with appeal to more than your "Liberal Base/Bias" Give us back our community! It's as if there were only one choice for a "right answer", end the political rancor, respect each other, if you can't do that then you really are the enemy.

Sent by Galen Bywater | 2:40 PM | 9-14-2008

It would be just amazing that if Governor Palin were really an excelleent V.P., and then became President for two terms, she could be in the White House for 12 years. What better person could we find to straighten out todays 9 percent ratings politicians?

Sent by RonClaude | 2:41 PM | 9-14-2008

I saw this sketch last night and it has been edited from the original. Among the missing parts is Tina Fey/Sarah Palin's announcement that she would soon be a GILF. There was also a comment about how Palin charged Alaskan taxpayers over 300 times for nights she spent in her own home. I'm not sure what else may be missing, but this clip is not complete.

WHERE is the rest of this sketch? Why is NBC censoring their best political satire?

Sent by Denice | 3:43 PM | 9-14-2008

I find it absolutely AMAZING that all of you who are now banging the drum of "no experience" seem to forget that the one at the TOP of the democratic ticket TRULY has NO EXPERIENCE.

Nobody seems to want to acknowledge that. If that's not a double standard -- I don't know what is.

If we want to have a debate on issues and facts, let's have one. But on the experience thing --- let's take off the blinders, shall we?

Sent by Jeremy | 3:55 PM | 9-14-2008

Denice, you're right! I had forgotten those bits. I have last night's episode, shall we say "saved." I may have to rewatch later and see if they cut anything else out.

Sent by Kae | 4:07 PM | 9-14-2008

Mr. Galen Bywater... Respect? Community? Funny words from a guy who at the end of his comment calls liberals "the enemy" for not agreeing with you. And how ironic that you mention "community" after Rudy & Sarah mocked community service with such glee during the RNC. Wake up and smell the hypocrisy, sir. How does the quote go? I may not agree with your opinion, but I'll defend your right to express it. Palin is inexperienced. That's not spin. That's fact. I, for one, choose not to vote for someone who would blithely send us into World War III. I'll vote for the diplomat. Feel free to vote for the hawks. Oh yes, by the way, the SNL clip was hiiiii-larious! Cheers.

Sent by Eileen Reilly | 4:39 PM | 9-14-2008

A lot of comments on leadership and experience but I suspect the writers know very little of the concept. No matter who becomes the President they will need character, common sense and courage - no experience required! As for Hillary supporters there is only one reason she is not on the ticket: Bill.

Sent by Bob McKennett | 4:46 PM | 9-14-2008

Fortunately, the REST of America realizes what the Liberal haters DON'T, and never will. That Palin has WAY more determination, experience, and GUTS than their empty-suit candidate at the top of their ticket! Thus, the polls in EVERY important aspect are lining up in favor of McCain/Palin. It is also the reason that Obam-uh-uh-uh is inside the MOE in States that he should be WAY ahead in, and thus will have to spend big in States that should be safe at this point for a Liberal (CO, MN, MI, PA, etc). And the debates haven't even started yet .. McCain will PUMMEL Obam-uh-uh-uh because of his vastly superior life experiences and the fact that his opinions come from the heart .. not the guy upstairs typing words on a teleprompter at the Styrofoam Acropolis!

Thankfully, more Americans will vote from their hearts for McCain/Palin, and not from pure, outright hatred like Obam-uh-uh-uh voters!

Besides .. SNL stopped being relevant, or funny, about 20 years ago!

Sent by DJ | 5:55 PM | 9-14-2008

Alarming and hysterical (take it anyway you wish)at once. Scary thought - Palin as Prez...Maybe Palin's Cabinet would be a team of hockey moms?! The GOP is beyond belief. What a bunch of bozos!!!

Sent by Jared R Goldman | 6:54 PM | 9-14-2008

Great skit! For a video & commentary on the background on Sarah Palin & her extremist church, see:

Sent by Jeremy | 7:08 PM | 9-14-2008

Gov Palin has much greater quaifications than Obama..not to mention she had lived life like the ordinary citizen,cooked diners,dropped her kids at school, has had family problems with her pregnant daughter and downs child.I would want her as predident..Obama is just another failed lawyer wanting to feather his political nest.

Sent by bob reid | 8:15 PM | 9-14-2008

sp is the scariest thing that has faced the USA since I don't know when. The SNL skit touched this but it is even more scary that some people think the SP person is a viable head of a government besides Wasilla, which by the way does contain parents who have raised college educated nice kids. Two things not mentioned so far in the SP pagentry of taking her slightly seriously. 1)In the Davy Crocket mythology department, there will be no more moose to dress in 20-60 years. Moose like cold climates. 2)pitbulls attack their owners and thier children if not properly trained, and sometime just because they are bred to kill, with no stop codon. The SP person seems to be eating her children so me thinks she has lost it. But to be national, JM must have be either a secret Obama supporter and wants to throw the election or he has gone totally senile. If he is a secret Obama supporter the joke is gone too far. The pitbull lipstick or no is dangerous.

Sent by Choano C. | 8:46 PM | 9-14-2008

I think most people overlook just how qualified Sarah Palin is to be President. People who discount the significant of Alaska's proximity to Russia don't realize the importance of geopolitics, nor even what it means.

Sent by Bill Lazarus | 9:22 PM | 9-14-2008

SP is a qualified candidate for VP in the sense that the role of VP CANDIDATE, (not necessarily the elected Vice President), is to serve as the political attack dog (in this case, the pit bull), and thus relieve the presidential candidate from the dirty work.

That is current politics. Truman, I think, was chosen because he was safe, and no one thought he would actually become president.

Time magazine did an analysis and came to the conclusion that experience does not really matter-- there were an equal number of good and bad experienced presidents as well as good and bad inexperienced presidents.

SP will draw votes because there is a key demographic that likes her, despite any argument about her suitability to the contrary.

Sent by RonM | 9:36 PM | 9-14-2008

Sarah Palin was a brilliant move by John McCain to win the voters that didn't favor him in his party. Unfortunately, she doesn't stand for anything I believe in (freedom of choice, separation of church and state, attentive parenting) so now that ticket has definitely LOST my vote. Obama has enough experience and is intelligent enough to surround himself with intelligent advisors who will guide him to the right choices for ALL Americans, not a narrow bunch that vote only on freedom limiting "family value" issues. Palin is plucky, but we need someone really intelligent in charge and frankly, I had my doubts about McCain in that respect as well.

Sent by rb | 9:51 PM | 9-14-2008

I am a single, white, college-educated woman and I have supported Barack Obama for president all along. The very first time I heard him speak while he was running for U. S. Senate, I was blown away by the fact that this is a highly intelligent man running for political office who is authentic and who can actually think differently than all the rest of the politicos who have gotten us into the trouble we are in.
No one President, regardless of experience, will lead this country out of the deep doo-doo that we are in alone. But we sorely need someone who can inspire and mobilize this country's citizens to get involved in their communities again and get a little bit more serious about life than only being interested in Britney Spears or "Dancing with the Stars." For me Senator Obama has more valid experience than Gov. Palin, and the Dem ticket has quite a bit more COMBINED experience than the GOP ticket. But even more than experience, it is a breath of much-needed fresh air as to how Senator Obama THINKS, how he can envision the whole, how he can bring people together. Any president will have to build an administration with the right experience and skill set for the work to be done. But it will be all for naught if we put another Republican in the White House who thinks just like the Bush Administration. Four years of McCain will not just be more of the same, it will get a lot worse because we are in a downhill slide now. Wake up America. Don't vote for the candidate you most feel you can have a beer with. Vote for the team with the best brains. Someone who can lead us to our best selves as a country.

Sent by Sheri | 11:09 PM | 9-14-2008

I can just see the east lawn filled with snowmobiles and beer cans.... the funny thing about this is, whomever gets the presidency, supposedly more than half of this nation have the same morals and ethics.... so let's hope for a wave of enlightenment.

Sarah Palin is pathetic - she has done nothing but lie since this all started, she obviously is not aware of how good the press really is about uncovering all of this.... if over half of the nation are liars, then she will get there....

Sent by Susan Nunn | 11:21 PM | 9-14-2008

Eileen Reilly, I wasn't addressing liberals or conservatives but people who are political, with good intentions,( I assume there are a few of those left) and, yes, respect. McCain gave Obama his "props" or do you remember and see only what you want. You must be strongly convinced of your beliefs just as many of us, do you have any friends that are the "enemy", if not you might try being nicer to others, you know respect
diversity? According to some sources Biden and McCain are good friends as is Lieberman, a pity some of us let our divergent views isolate us from our fellow citizens. Obama may make a great President, time will tell who he makes happy, but whoever is elected will have a hell of a job in the short term.

Sent by Galen Bywater | 11:37 PM | 9-14-2008

I really enjoyed this skit. It amazes me how the media cowers every time the McCain camp yells foul: "You're always covering Obama and not McCain" (because actually has something new to say); "Obama is running around like a rock star" (that lasted only until Palin was covered like a rock star); "You're picking on poor Sara" (the self described pit bull). I appreciate the truth finding that is occurring now, but the media has to continue to stand up to these whining babies and cover the news the way it is intended to be covered--truthfully. The Palin/McCain camp won't like it but they won't like anything that doesn't portray them in the best possible light. I pray that the truth about the Palin/McCain ticket comes to light and that the voting American public will shed their fears and vote for the man who can help us get out of the mess we are in--Barack Obama. By the way, the reversal (Palin/McCain) is no accident; she is the big wheel on the Republican ticket. Now, that's scary!

Sent by Martha | 12:19 AM | 9-15-2008

Frighteningly accurate portrait of Palin! Though, I have to say, the experience/non-experience debate doesn't concern me so much. For one thing, the people who did the most damage in the current administration had A LOT of experience; years and years in government. No one talks about that. What matters is what a candidate brings to the table in terms of raw talent and character. FIrst and foremost, we need a leader who quickly recognizes areas where he/she lacks information and is not threatened by consulting with experts of different stripes. What gets me these days is first, the number of people who want a leader who is just like them. What is that? I would never vote for someone like me! I want a president far superior to me in brain power, knowledge, analytical ability and a host of other skills. I think the SNL skit bore out this idea ("anyone can be president.") No, anyone can't. My second concern is not that Palin has limited experience, but rather that she is another one of those who believe in ruling by religious doctrine and faith than by attending to facts on the ground. I cannot imagine her carefully, thoughtfully weighing different courses of action and considering consequences. She would be more likely to drop a bomb on Russia for its "evil" ways than consult with experts, discuss options, etc. That's what keeps me up at night.

Sent by Sarah von Fremd | 2:16 AM | 9-15-2008

What's the difference between Sarah Palin and Spiro Agnew?

All you nattering naybobs should appreciate that.

Sent by Gil Payson | 3:10 AM | 9-15-2008

Why is it that so many Americans are obsessed with the idea that ordinary folk should be the President and VP of this country? The last thing we should want in the White House is ordinary folk! We should demand that only extraordinarily well-educated, intellectually gifted, open-minded individuals with strong leadership attributes get a chance to compete for those two offices. Have we not learned enough in the last 8 years? Wasn't our current President so much liked by so many of our fellow citizens because he seemed like such a likable, ordinary guy? So let me ask you all a question: -How did he do in his role as the leader of the Free World? Is anyone reading the financial pages of any decent newspaper? Are we not aware of the decline our country has suffered in the world by any measurable yard stick (economic, education, democratic values, privacy, human rights, environmental impact, reputation for fairness, "you name it", etc.)?

If we hope for the U.S. to stay a leading country in any relevant way within the next 30-50 years, all of us, citizens of this country, have an obligation and a responsibility to educate ourselves and to understand how our daily decisions affect not only our immediate environments, but the larger world as well.

Our so called "American Exceptionalism" is an elegant expression to describe what I see as an arrogant, provincial, backward-thinking, and religiously fanatic view of the world. It appears for a great number of our fellow American citizens the world is a very scary place. Why? Ignorance. They haven't experienced it, seldom travel abroad and when they do, they arrive there full of erroneous and/or pre-conceived notions (who needs world history and geography anyway?), and often times, eager to show their hosts the superiority of the "American way of life"...

If the citizens and governments of other countries are displeased with the U.S.A. and/or its citizens, it is mostly because of our catastrophic failure to lead the world to a better place after the end of the cold war. The result, it appears, is that we seem to be attracting our worst fears indeed...

Unless we, the "slightly more aware" citizens take back our country, we are on our way to a very bleak future.
However we can, at least, take comfort in knowing that when our standard of living collapses permanently and we become the next "Old Empire", we will be able to thank our Hockey Moms and Nascar Dads for helping us see the true beauty of intellectual mediocrity in and out of the White House.

Happy Voting!

Sent by Cenmar F. | 5:34 AM | 9-15-2008

She's a loose cannon, and I don't want her as a potential president.

I needed this send-up! Please Tina, et. al., keep up the good work.

Sent by nan mc | 6:22 AM | 9-15-2008

I do not understand why her pregnant 17 year old and future high school drop out husband are off limits. Not because of the teenage pregnancy, but regarding education.

What emphasis will she place on education if she is encouraging these two to marry? They have many choices that do not include abortion, marriage is not the only alternative.

What about Grandma Sarah & Grandpa Todd helping with the baby, so Mom & Dad can go to college and prepare themselves to raise new baby and future children? What about adoption? Why did Track go directly to the military instead of college? Why is Sarah Palin so opposed to education???

Oh yeah, I know......because oppressed conservative christians do not want bleeding heart liberal college professors encouraging their offspring to be free thinkers......

Sent by just a working mom | 9:06 AM | 9-15-2008

A footnote for the history challenged:
Truman was an officer and battery commander in an artillery regiment in France in WWI. Though attacked by the Germans, not a single man in Truman's command died. After the war, Truman was administrative judge (county level) in Missouri for ten years, then was named Missouri's director for the Federal Re-Employment program (1932). He served as U.S. Senator for ten years before becoming Roosevelt's V.P. In other words, this person with military, economic, and legislative experience was considered too inexperienced for the job.

Sent by Dina Venus | 12:07 PM | 9-15-2008

Regarding "Wonder ifthis one will show onFox News.

Sent by KB | 10:42 AM ET | 09-14-2008"

My guess is that you don't actually KNOW what FOXNEWS reports. How could you possibly call this one sided journalism? Read for yourself...if you dare allow someone catch you reading FOXNEWS.,2933,422265,00.html

Sent by Carrie | 1:30 PM | 9-15-2008

Mr. Bywater -- my apologies for misunderstanding your original post. I assure you -- I don't have a selective memory. I read everything, I listen to everything, I fact check as often as possible, and I take notes (I need a vacation). I watched the RNC speeches twice; I watched the DNC speeches twice (Obama praised McCain, too). The tone was very different. Anyhoo

This SNL skit was as funny as it was painful. That's it, really. Sorry if I picked on you. I just saw that word "enemy" and went off the deep end. It's been *that* kind of election cycle.

Sent by Eileen Reilly | 6:48 PM | 9-15-2008

Is Palin a reformer...or just another bridge to nowhere?

Sent by Elizabeth | 7:39 PM | 9-15-2008

sarah palin is 100% against a woman's right to control over her own body. Roe will fall with a McCain/Palin whitehouse. This will amount to this for women... if you become pregnant the "state" will say that YOU MUST deliver a baby. Whether you are 14 or 50, whether you want to be a parent or not, whether you can afford a pregnancy, whether you have any support to undergo the NINE MONTHS of a pregnancy women thusly, become incubators. I can not understand why the rights of a fetus outweigh the rights of the living girl/woman. The right to LIfe movement largely based on religious beliefs - to all who need reminding we live in a Democracy NOT a theocracy. It defies our Constitution and Bill of Rights for one groups' religious beliefs to dictate state policy. You can not bang the patriotic drum with one hand and defile the Bill of Rights with the other. This goes equally for a potential ban on same sex marriage. It violates the 1st and 14th amendment.

An additional thing to remember regarding choice/pro life: wealthy woman and their daughters will ALWAYS have access to safe abortions. The choice/pro life debate is for the rest of us.

If my 14 year old daughter came to me and said she had used bad judgement, and as a result was pregnant - but that she knew she did not want to be a parent or go through nine months of a pregnancy at her age. I can honestly say that I would NOT tell her "sorry dear you made your bed now you must lay in it". I would realize a lifetime of change for a child is not the suitable answer for a five or two minute lapse in judgment.

Sarah Palin - does not believe in abortions even for rape and incest, she is anti- birth control and anti sex-education. Just how good of a leader would she be when her own daughter didn't just abstain. Where was her mother's guidance?

Sent by Tracy Miller bend Oregon | 7:47 PM | 9-15-2008

I'm a hard core conservative supporter of McCain-Palin, but this definitely was hilarious! But for those of you who are so worried about Sarah being too inexperienced to be a heartbeat from the Presidency, you might want to take another look at the heartthrob you're trying to elect as president!

Sent by Cliff Raymond | 7:54 PM | 9-15-2008

For those of you who think that Palin has more experience than Obama, do a little research. If you truly want someone who has been a positive role in their community for two decades, you might be surprised in what you find. Obama was more than just a community organizer before he became the democratic nominee. He has accomplished more in his 40 something years of life than most of us can even dream about. At a time when our country is in a failing economy, an expensive war, and a government that quitely taking away our civil rights... the thought of having someone in office that fought for those very things (and also taught at the college level) is something we should all be hoping for. The media can't be trusted, so try doing your own research for once. Here, I will even include a couple of links for your convenience... while wikipedia is not the only source one should be using for their research, it's a good place to start.

Someone previously wrote that it would be nice to have someone in office with some brains... Yes, indeed it would be nice to elect the pair that both have extensive educational background as well as a solid admirable careers.

Go ahead, sneak a peak. Look up Biden and McCain while you're in there too.

Sent by Rachel- somewhere in middle class America. | 9:33 PM | 9-15-2008

It amazes me that most people on the left immediately attack those on the right as being stupid. This was a very funny skit that I enjoyed very much. However, it does fit into that same mold. The reaction from the left is almost like a child, when they don't have a good comeback they say, "You're a stupid person". I think we should keep this type of satire is good to laugh at ourselves.

Sent by Tom | 8:05 AM | 9-16-2008

I saw it on the O'Reilly factor last night.

Sent by Vickie | 11:17 AM | 9-16-2008

Most women won't be fooled by being pandered to by McCain and his choice. I for one feel used and they won't get my vote. Isn't it funny that most of the pro-palin comments are fom men? She will take us all back years. As a single mother soccer mom,(we couldn't afford hockey, who's elitist?) I made it in a mans business in the 70's when you really had to bust ---. She would
have still been working the pagent circut.

Sent by Diane | 12:46 PM | 9-16-2008

Sarah Palin's attraction is she looks like Agent 99 from Get Smart and Mindy from Mork and Mindy.

Sent by Tony | 6:33 PM | 9-16-2008

Sarah as opposed to Hillary - did not flounder into politics on her slimeball husbands coat tails or his piece of tail - she did it on her own! That is true feminism!

Sent by Becki | 8:06 PM | 9-16-2008

Funny stuff, I feel like many of you that McCain is trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Like Barrack said a pig is still a pig no matter how you dress it up with lipstick. Voting for Palin and your still voting for McCain. McCain is not dead yet so those who have future dream just having a women for president need to stop and think about it little. This women has no idea what she is getting herself into. McCain is old and set in his ways and you think McCain is going to take her advice if they get elected not that I would blame him. He will tell her to go sit in a conner somewhere and be quite. This man has 20 some odd year of political experience why would he go to palin for advise about anything. Palin is nothing but a prop to him. Please people get real and she is talking about she is going to shake up washington I bet. People Palin is McCain trying to make himself look good but once he is elected, and she gives him Aklaska for drilling she can go back to her family or go duck hunting with Dick Chenney for all he cares. This is so obvious I can't stand it. Stop the insanity people please!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sent by Tasha | 8:39 PM | 9-16-2008

Love it.Hilarious and good satire.

Sent by Gamini Haluwana | 9:15 PM | 9-16-2008

Sarah is not running for POTUS. You liberal idiots better be concerned about the experience or lack of from your messiah Obammy. SNL is for people with IQ's below 50, a coloring book would teach you more than watching this crap.

Sent by Ken Taylor | 10:23 AM | 9-17-2008

Seems more like Liberal's radio.
Interesting that ALL of the comments shown are against Palin.
The nation's youth are WILD about Obama.
Could it be that all they know is what the media, including Hollywood, tells them? Tells them circuituitously, in skits,bad TV and ommission.

Sent by George Moravek | 11:15 AM | 9-17-2008

Palin has a much "presidential" ability as Obama...........

Sent by Bonnie Munao | 12:27 PM | 9-18-2008

impression sketch of palin & hilary

Sent by cazooma | 6:15 PM | 9-18-2008

Too funny. "Ask this one about dinosaurs." Oooh boy. How eerily spot-on this spoof probably is. Thanks SNL.

Sent by Jamie Burton | 9:59 AM | 9-19-2008

LOL! I hope the people will make the right choice when they go to the polls. Palin has looks but no brain. The only thing that makes her look smart is her Tina Fey glasses. Wake up America and smell the roses.

Sent by Fely Baza | 5:55 PM | 9-19-2008

Palin is more experienced than Obama; seems like some are forgetting this.

I'm afraid Obama, in his inexperience, was chosen as a puppet for the democratic congress.

Sent by kelly | 6:09 PM | 9-21-2008

It is fascinating to me that the discussion is centering on Palin (a VP candidate) and Hilary (no longer relevant). It is also fascinating that there are claims that she is inexperienced, relative to the person at the top of the Democratic ticket who has arguably less experience.

Executive experience counts for a great deal. If you have only thought about and written about, but never executed or had your "butt on the line" for decisions, you are at an infantile management/leadership stage. Rhetoric (at which B.O. is brilliant) is impressive, but it is not enough.

SP has made me examine what I am embarrassed to say are somewhat elitist tendencies, and look at what is really important. Do you have to go to the Ivy League to run the country (I am Ivy League, by the way, so this is not a bitter question)? Frankly, can someone from the Ivy League effectively understand what the average person in our country lives day to day?

The "controversies" surrounding SP are inconsequential frankly. The idea that she is setting women back is ludicrous: as a mother of five, she has been a mayor and a governor (and the governor with the highest approval ratings in the nation, by the way). If that isn't a woman doing it all, I truly don't know what is. Another commenter mentioned she would help support women staying at home (or men): is this bad? Choice should be just that- not someone's mandate of what they see as the "right" choice. Fortunately, we are starting to recognize that today, and not expect "super-moms" (who aren't, because it's impossible- our children deserve more).

My concern with Palin is that I think her energy policies are short sighted, and that is concerning. McCain's are more progressive, though his focus on nuclear is problematic. Obama has a lot of great ideas, but we don't have any basis for understanding how he makes decisions, and whether or not he needs to be likeable- ie can he make the tough decisions? an he be a leader, and not simply a master of rhetoric?

But honestly, in this day ad age McCain isn't that old, and he is the candidate. Let's talk about the issues, and our two presidential candidates. I'm happy for SP to take her experience to the next level. She has common sense and moxie, which counts for more than Harvard Law degree.

I'm on the fence- officially independent- I look forward to the debates.

I'd challenge everyone to drop the stupid arguments and focus on our candidates, their experience, their leadership, and the issues.

Sent by Shannon | 1:33 PM | 9-22-2008

I love how SNL made fun of both women, neither of whom is qualified to be in the Oval Office for any job.

Palin being a Republican is not the problem as some are implying-- she's got absolutely nothing of substance to say. She thinks that if she rattles off some jokes and cliches really loud and with enough intonation, people will be mesmerized by her charisma and buy into her crap. Our Founding Mothers would have knocked her ass into Russia if they could see how she's been making a mockery of all they fought for. It's insulting.

As a woman, I am really offended that the McCain campaign has so little respect for our intelligence as to think female voters will sway his direction because his running mate has a vagina like us. Do they really think we are that shallow?? Am I really expected to vote for McCain because it's the "women's lib" thing to do?!

Palin isn't the one running for PRESIDENT. It's appalling to think any of our fellow citizens would throw away something as precious and important as their vote (a thing that thousands of women have fought and died for us to have the right to do) because of who a candidate has chosen as his running mate. The election isn't for prom king and queen. It isn't about "winning" a four-year vacation in the White House. Being president isn't a prize--it's a job. We should be electing someone as though this is a job interview without discrimination based on gender, religion, race, creed, sexual orientation, etc. This election is about putting someone in office who will restore our country to a respectable status in the eyes of the American people and in the eyes of the International community. We are paying this person's salary so we should make informed decisions as though we were hiring for our own business. Both PRESIDENTIAL candidates have impressive resumes. But in the midst of an economic crisis, who do you want: someone who has a strong financial track record or someone who can't even count how many houses he owns?

I am an Independent who votes for who will do the best job-- not because the candidates are blue or red.

Sent by Victoria who can see Mexico from her house. | 12:16 AM | 9-25-2008

Lets make it clear. sp is not now, nor ever was a womans woman. If she were, she would have a wider womans view than "Hockey Mom" and see what women really want and need. Not all of us have a "stay at home dude" and 6 figure jobs we charmed our way into. She got where she is by using "pagent politics". She is just missing the big bouquet and sash. Men love her. And that's who she plays to. Has anyone seen the video of the women against Palin demonstration in Alaska? Enlightening. One sign said "Sara's for Sarah".

Sent by Diane | 1:00 PM | 9-26-2008

Who needs Tina Fey when we have Sarah Palin? Palin is a caricature of herself.

As for those who think this conversation is about whether Palin has more experience than Obama, think again. The situation has gotten far beyond that. Palin has drawn her native intelligence into question. The Cold War is over, and Alaska's proximity to Russia from a military standpoint borders on irrelevance in the 21st Century (though I imagine some airmen in Galena, Alaska, may disagree). But to repeatedly argue that you get foreign policy experience by being governor of the State of Alaska shows a lack of common sense.

Sent by Thomas J. Hillgardner | 2:53 PM | 9-27-2008