The Naked Chef : Soapbox If you have a question for Chef Jamie Oliver, please post them here. We'll pick several to ask him during his interview with Liane Hansen.
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As Thanksgiving and Christmas approach, many of us are looking for ways to save money on food. In this slowing economy, it's becoming more and more expensive to feed families. So, what better time to arrange an interview with Jamie Oliver, known to many as the Naked Chef. In the U.K., he's becoming somewhat of a national hero.

He's on a mission to change the way people think about food. His latest television show there follows him around Rotherham, near Sheffield — familiar to most for its steel industry, the sound of Joe Cocker and the film The Full Monty — where he's teaching people basic culinary skills and asking them to pass on the knowledge to their friends and family. In a time of financial uncertainty and a global food crisis, he believes it's time to start learning how to be frugal and healthy.

If you have a question for Jamie, then please post it below. We'll pick several to ask him during his interview with Liane. And you can check out video demonstrations of some of his new recipes at his Web site: Jamie's online videos