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My 12-year-old son Aman Ardalan was super excited about getting YouTube sensation Gary Brolsma, aka "The Numa Numa Guy," to be a celebrity puzzle prize reader on Weekend Edition Sunday. Brolsma catapulted to fame when he released his YouTube video, a parody of a Romanian pop song, in 2004. At first, he found it difficult to cope with the sudden attention and for a while shied away from the media, but it didn't take him long to adapt to the spotlight. He's back and given that we are launching our YouTube channel this weekend, it made perfect sense to invite Gary to be our celebrity reader!

First, watch his famous viral video, which according to a BBC report has been viewed more than 700 MILLION times. This is the digitally remastered version of the Numa Numa video:

Now watch him here, reading the Puzzle Prize list. We probably won't get 700 MILLION views of this, but it's still pretty cool!

Video recorded by NPR's John Guardo

Click here to visit Gary's YouTube Channel.

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Great idea Aman! Here is a photo of us taken during one of Aman's visits to NPR on "Take Your Kid To Work Day."

And finally, here's some proof: A PDF scan mentioning Gary Brolsma in the 2008 Guinness Book of World Records.