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Carmen Dell'Orefice

Seventy-seven and still going! Model Carmen Dell'Orefice made her debut Vogue appearance at the age of 15 and has been knockin' 'em dead ever since. Ms. Dell'Orefice joined Liane Hansen from our New York studio to discuss the fashion industry and how it's faring during the recession. With a long life in the fashion world that's still progressing, she offers a unique view from a model who's seen and worked with a full spectrum of economies, styles and designers. Born in 1931 during the Great Depression, and coming from a time when modeling wasn't exactly considered a career, Ms. Dell'Orefice's original goal was to become a ballerina. Ending up with rheaumatic fever for a year was just enough to completely end her ability to practice. Then one day after she had recovered, she was discovered on the 57th St. crosstown bus- and so began her true career as a model! Below is a more recent photo of Ms. Dell'Orefice taken by Fadil Berisha. Mr. Berisha is a good friend of Ms. Dell'Orefice and has photographed her on multiple occasions, most recently for the national ad campaign for Taryn Rose shoes and for Rolex ads worldwide.

Photo by Fadil Berisha