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Desserts You Can Grill: A Contest

I'm pretty sure it's a scientific fact that the smell of hot dogs and hamburgers and sweet corn on the grill can travel entire city blocks and penetrate thick concrete walls. If the weather in your neck of the woods has finally turned to summer, you probably know what I'm talking about. All your neighbors are abandoning their kitchens and firing up the grill out back — where they can enjoy the lovely warm temperatures and, more importantly, show off what's on the family menu.

Well, we're looking for ways to one-up the neighbor, olfactory-style. We want your recipes for desserts you can grill. We all know about grilled peaches, but what else can you concoct outside? Apple pies? Three-tier cakes?

We'll take the more inventive submissions and put them in front of our celebrity chef panel. Bonus points for creativity, but please, no crazy, obscure ingredients that we can't track down.