NPR logo Share Your Story: Impact of War on Military Families

Share Your Story: Impact of War on Military Families

Next week, we'll bring you a series of stories focused on the impact of war on people thousands of miles from the battlefield — military families struggling to cope and the unique network of supporters who are dedicated to helping.

The series begins on November 7th with the story of the wife of a Navy Petty officer — a mother of three children, all under the age of 7, including one who is developmentally disabled. Also, NPR's Daniel Zwerdling will talk to us about legislation pending in Congress to assist caregivers of military families.

Our series will be produced in cooperation with NPR's Impact of War Project. The collaboration is an outreach effort to NPR member station reporters around the country to aid in increasing their local coverage of the experiences and sacrifices of US troops and their communities. Links to many of these stories examining how community attitudes, public policy, military strategy, medicine and technology are altered by the wars can be found on

Feel free to tell us your story — how have the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq affected your family?