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KCRW's "Good Food"

As you start making your Thanksgiving dinner plans, you might enjoy Weekend Edition host Scott Simon's interview with Evan Kleiman, the host of member station KCRW's program "Good Food." They talked about her obsession with pie, the season's essential dish. Yet the roots of this obsession started over the summer when — despite not having a regular oven of her own — she made a pie a day and blogged about it:

In the process, she learned all sorts of tips and tweaks to make the perfect pie, which she passed on. Her listeners, in return, submitted their own pie creations, including "Squirrel Pie" — "pie pops" cut into the shape of squirrels — and a Savory Tomato Pie with onions, garlic and a cheese crust.

Now, her program is hosting a pie contest and you can find out more about it, including how to submit your pie.