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Colonial Dessert

On our show today, we brought you Liane Hansen's chat with Chef Frank Clark of Colonial Williamsburg's Historic Foodways. I was part of the Weekend Edition team that traveled with Liane.

For those of you who love desserts, here is a little treat to sweeten your holiday. It's a video I produced of Liane and Frank, as they prepared the colonial dessert syllabub from an authentic 18th-century recipe.

Happy Holidays! And remember: Do try this at home.


You asked for a Syllabubs recipe, and here it is!


One pint of cream, half a pint of wine, the juice and grated peel of one lemon, sweetened to your taste; put it in a wide-mouthed bottle, shake it for ten minutes, then pour it into your glasses. It must be made the evening before it is to be used.

Rutledge, Sarah. The Carolina housewife.

Columbia: University of South Carolina Press, 1979 p.149