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Source: marj k

When the show travels, we're essentially traveling to a story. Sometimes we have to dig a little to find the story of a particular city or town, and sometimes the story is so obvious it overwhelms us (as it was when we traveled to New Orleans last May). Tucson's story (and this is not to say, of course, that it's the only story) turns out to be fairly palpable as well, as it's about 60 miles north of Nogales; the only major border crossing point for legal and illegal immigration. So, we're working on a show about immigration, and since we have the opportunity to actually be close to the border, we're going to steer clear of beltway policy talk, and actually ask how this story is being lived. How do people who live 60 miles from the issue truly experience it? I'm talking to a lot of different people right now, from Border Patrol to the Medical Examiner's office in Pima Country. But I'd love to hear from you, if you live near any border (Canada counts ... so does Miami — a different kind of border), about how immigration issues affect your daily life. What do people who live in Washington D.C. not understand about this issue?