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Barrie: We are big fans of the Indigo Girls here at Talk of the Nation, and today they're playing on our show. In fact, just the mention of their name brings me back to camp, the summer of 1986, sitting on the top bunk and screaming harmony on "Closer to Fine..."

Sarah: I'm trying to tell you something about my life.

Barrie: Maybe give me insight between black and white.



Sarah: Ok, now it's 1995 and Barrie and I are sitting in my 1983 Honda Civic bombing down Route 50 East headed for the beach. Swamp Ophelia is blasting from the tinny, static-plagued speakers but it doesn't matter because our singing is THAT GOOD. We serenade the boys on whom we have crushes, but who don't know our names.

Barrie: I remember the time when I came so close to you... Sent me skipping my class and running from school.

Sarah: And I bought you that ring cause I never was cool

Barrie and Sarah, in unison: What makes me think I could start clean slated

Barrie: If you have questions for the Indigo Girls about their new album, or the movie they made with Neal, put 'em here! And try not to serenade your officemates too loudly from your cubicle.



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" 1983 Honda Civic?" "..._MY_ 1983 Honda Civic?" Did Sarah actually SAY that? Need I remind you that ... Oh well, never mind. I guess it's too late now.



Sent by Thomas Handel | 12:35 PM | 3-20-2007

Hi Emily and Amy!
I live in Boise Idaho and have had the pleasure of hearing you here only one time, back more than seven years ago. I've gotten to see/hear you in Seattle, Berkeley, Telluride and New York City (no, I'm not a stalker but merely an enthusiastic fan) and am wondering if you will ever play here in Boise again-

Sent by Carol Orshan | 2:07 PM | 3-20-2007

Amy and Emily - Oh, how I love you... yes, back to summer camp, and I've seen you in concert a gazillion times, supported the charities you encourage, and am now teaching my children to sing along. Can't wait to see you tomorrow night at Town Hall - I'll be the redhead second row center, who knows EVERY SINGLE WORD. Feel free to give a shout out. ;) Oh... and my partner Jo, who will be there as well, would kill or die to hear "Watershed"... Though for me, any setlist you want to throw at us will be nirvana. My only request? Play longer. :) Here's hoping to see you at Summerstage again soon - hopefully without another blackout - though that was SUCH a fun night!

Sent by Amy K. | 2:21 PM | 3-20-2007

Amy and Emily,

My partner and I had the pleasure of seeing you in Connecticut last week. It was the best show I have seen of yours, and I've been to 5 others. Maybe it was even better because I was with the love of my life, who sent me a an original painting of Amy Ray, portrayed as a Shaman amongst the birch trees. We have both experienced our lives thru your songs. We love your intelligence, your activism, your work for native peoples, and your musical genious. She and I talk of sitting down to dinner and just talking with ya'll, picking your brains about everything from politics to philosophy to your favorite painter.

Your new Album is wonderful. I get a sense of sadness in it. A longing to settle down, settle in and live a life off the road. Is this something ya'll are ready for? As a fan I would be sad to not see you as much, but as somone who loves to stay home and cuddle in, I would completely understand!

Thank you both for bringing your gift of song into our lives.

Sent by April Judd | 2:43 PM | 3-20-2007

IG's - I have had the pleasure of seeing you perform coast to coast. I appreciate your continuing effort with Honor the Earth. Thank you for your passion for life and the profound meaning of being "aware" everyday.
Kath S.

Sent by Kath Making Medicine Stone | 2:47 PM | 3-20-2007

Amy and Emily-
I've been a fan since I first heard you in 1991. I've seen you in concert over 20 times, almost always involving a road trip. Attending a girls' show is something special! Hearing my five year old daughter sing Galileo brings a smile to my face! My question is - What is your opinion of what happened to the Dixie Chicks when they expressed their opinions regarding the war/president?

Sent by Kristi | 2:52 PM | 3-20-2007

Took my daughter Hailey (now 7) to hear you sing at B&N in Union Square when she was a few months old . My son, Sloan (9), danced at the redo of Summerstage-awesome! Tonight we'll all be at Town Hall, even daddy. We'll try not to sing so loud so our neighbors can't hear you. We love and admire you!

Sent by Michelle C. | 2:52 PM | 3-20-2007

Hi Amy and Emily

I am wondering how you guys are feeling about the presidential candidates. Also, any suggestions to your fans who asked by venue officials to sit down at your shows? (this has happened to me twice). :-(

Sent by Rebecca | 2:53 PM | 3-20-2007

Keep fighting the fight! You are so inspiring! Do you think we will ever see a minority president in this lifetime?

Sent by Kristi | 2:54 PM | 3-20-2007

Amy and Emily,

I'm writing as a fan, and as a proponent of energy conservation. I know that you support the development of renewable energy resources and that you've powered tours using biodiesel. Could you give us other examples of ways in which you live sustainably, both as a band and as individuals? What can you suggest your fans do to live sustainably?

Thanks for your time, and keep on doing what you do.

Sent by Allison Rutter | 2:58 PM | 3-20-2007

Thank you for setting a fantastic example for young girls and women. I started listing to your music in college. I have begun sharing with my 2 year old daughter. It's important to me to expose children to art with a life long message. In your music, she couldn't have better role models. Thank you!

Sent by Lorena Scott | 3:18 PM | 3-20-2007

To the Poet and the Muse,
thank you for bringing our truths to music. You've written the soundtrack for so many lives. All my love and thanks.

Sent by 40 something in Calif. | 3:26 PM | 3-20-2007

So excited that my favorite girls are on TOTN. I received a cassette of Rites of Passage as a gift in college in way upstate NY and have been a huge fan ever since.

When I was moving cross country in the fall of 1999, another friend took me to see you in Laramie, WY as a birthday present. We both thought it was very brave for you to play in Laramie at that point and we just LOVED the show.

Thanks for empowering women everywhere -- or at least me wherever I have been!

Sent by Sara Holm | 3:27 PM | 3-20-2007

You have changed my life! I discovered you in 1992 at Mystic Lake YMCA camp in Lake, Michigan, and you have been with me through every major up and down, every road trip, every heartache, every thrill in my life since. When my mother died four years ago, I played "Indians, Nomads, Saints" almost every day to keep breathing and moving forward. You have taught me to sing, to be brave, and to never yield. My nine-year-old twins know your lyrics because they've been listening to you since they were in the womb! Thank you for your activism, your passion, your integrity, and the gift of your music.

Sent by Sara Clark | 3:29 PM | 3-20-2007

I love your music and I spread the word about it all the time. Tonight I'll see you live for my twenty-somethingth time. I am so dying to hear y'all play "Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters" live, and in NYC, no less. Keep on keepin' on. Maybe one of you should run for president. Anyway, we'll be there listening to you 'til all our souls get it right.

Sent by Linda Napikoski | 3:37 PM | 3-20-2007

Dear Amy and Emily,
About 20 years ago, I was a fan of your music. At some point you moved me to become more inspired, ,more creative, more literate, and an activist too. I catch an occasional show and always enjoy them. Thank you for the work you've done and the work you're doing, you're both an inspiration to the rest of us. Peace... Jill Stevens Point, WI

Sent by Jill Boush | 3:37 PM | 3-20-2007

Sweet and Sour Folk..... what a cool song title. Just now plugged in. What a great way to interact. Loved the Money song. Too little songs written and voiced about it. You put in a nutshell. Thanx and keep on your "Shut Up and Singing Campaign" Love listening to ya, you make a lot of peoples hearts sing.

Sent by Kimberly Macher | 3:45 PM | 3-20-2007

'What's in a name?' Well, indigo is one of the colors of the visible light spectrum: red, orange, blue, indigo, violet . . . interestingly enough, not many people can actually "see" the color indigo - that seems to say a lot about their name, "Indigo," no ?!!!

Sent by gare simpson | 3:50 PM | 3-20-2007

Dear Amy and Emily:

it must be 15 years now that a little black cat walked into my life, and we named him Galileo, after your song. So a day does not go by when I don't hear the words of your song in my mind. So it is that Galileo (the cat)reminds me every day how important it is to challenge the status quo.
Thanks for the music!

Kathy in Connecticut

Sent by Kathy | 10:58 PM | 3-20-2007

The Indigo Girls have been so at home for me for the last 10 years. I grew up in Georgia then moved out west when I was 18 to first hear of the Indigo Girls in 1996 while working at Glacier National Park. My friend had "Least Complicated" (the live version 1200 Curfews) on tape as we were driving across the main road through the park and I'm thinking lots of thoughts..I was so attracted to their music that I carried it along with me still here in the Northwest (Portland, Oregon) and have attended every Portland concert possible. I identify with so many of the lyrics and the melodies, harmonies, stringed instruments keep me coming back for more. Thanks for getting these girls on NPR this week~

Sent by Kimberly Viik | 8:08 PM | 3-23-2007