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We're all on pins and needles this morning; Neal went to Cleveland last night, for a remote broadcast today from member station WCPN. This isn't a full remote in the truest sense; there won't be a studio audience, and we've only sent one producer down with Neal. But today we felt it was important for Neal to talk to his guests while sitting at the same table, face to face, as we're marking the fourth anniversary of the Iraq War. Why Cleveland? About a year and a half ago, a small suburb called Brook Park got the heartbreaking news that 20 Marines from the local 25th Marine Regiment, 3rd battalion had been killed in an ambush in Western Iraq. Neal is in Cleveland to find out how the war is affecting the community ... the families, the friends, the employers, and the neighbors of those stationed in Iraq.

The remote presents a few technical challenges; usually Neal can see the entire technical staff (director, line producer, technical director, engineers, etc.) in the control room, but today we'll rely on instant messenger, and whisper down the line to him. For a segment in our second hour on rock and roll movies, we'll be using a lot of movie clips, and we're still working out how Neal will cue Washington to play the tape cuts. So lend an ear to the shows today ... it should be an exciting, and emotional day.