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Guilty of "Password"

You read all the time that passwords need to be "secure," and by that I assumed the experts meant don't use "password" as your password. Though it turns out "password" is the most commonly used online password, followed by "123456," and "qwerty" (if that means nothing to you, just look at the top row of letters on your keyboard). PC Magazine has the list in their May 8th issue. I've never used any of those, but I thought I was some sort of creative genius for years because I used the easy-to-remember "letmein" to login to some of my less than urgent accounts (read: not banks, etc). "letmein" is the #5 most used password... I am humbled, and am probably not the only one, "monkey" is #6, "blink182" is #9, your own first name is #10). You can find the rest of the list here. While I go change my passwords, are there any passwords you've used over the years that, looking back, seem a little dumb?