NPR logo Dad's Day... HELP!

Dad's Day... HELP!

Somehow it just hit me that Sunday is Father's Day! (Luckily, dad is happily vacationing for a few weeks, so I bought myself a few extra days before the "bad son" label sets in.) Flipping through the papers, morning TV shows, and this internet thing... everyone has a good idea for what to give a father, except me. (Though, somehow I don't think my father would appreciate a Playstation 3.) Everybody says digital cameras, but he has one (three, actually). There's meat by mail, but that seems silly. Beer of the month, a little odd, too. All the talking heads have people telling me what a dad would want, but I'm not buying it. Are there any dads out there who actually know what a father might want for Father's Day? (And if you dare suggest a tie...)