NPR logo Video of Michael Moore's NPR Visit

Video of Michael Moore's NPR Visit

If you've been following the blog or listened to yesterday's show, you probably know already that documentary maker and public provocateur Michael Moore came by the NPR studios for a 20-minute interview with Lynn Neary. During his video, I got a chance to shoot some video of him, including his entire interview.

Click to watch the video; it's also available on YouTube.

I showed up about 20 minutes prior to the scheduled interview time and soon found Talk of the Nation executive producer Sue Goodwin meeting up with Moore and his two assistants in the hallway. We had some time to kill in the green room, time which I had hoped would include me capturing some extraordinary sound bite from Moore. Instead, he dropped hard on the couch, sporting his trademark t-shirt, shorts and baseball cap ensemble, and slouched as far back as humanly possible. "Look at me," he said. "Seven weeks straight of this - exhausted." So any video would have to wait until he went on air. (He did, however, let me take a group photo of him posing with Sue, Sarah, Barrie and other members of the TOTN crew.)

The remaining time in the green room passed quickly, talking about a range of things, from Keith Moon, drummer of the Who, crashing his car into the Flint Holiday Inn swimming pool nearly 40 years ago, to taking his screaming infant daughter to DC's Uptown movie theatre because he and his wife couldn't afford a baby sitter at the time.

Soon enough, it was time to go on air. I slipped off my shoes - so they wouldn't creak as I walked around the live studio - and followed Moore inside, where he met Lynn Neary and did his sound check with less than a minute to spare. As you'll see in the video, they talked about healthcare, his new film and documentary making in general, taking several questions from listeners as well. Then faster you can say "Dr. Sanjay Gupta" the interview was over, with Moore saying his goodbyes before being whisked away to his next interview.

The video displayed here is just over five minutes in length, and covers some of the highlights of the interview. We've also posted a copy of it on YouTube, where we'll also be uploading other video clips representing the full length of the interview.