No End in Sight

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By now it's safe to say the conflict in Iraq has not gone as either Americans or Iraqis might have hoped... and the question that comes to mind again and again is, "How did we get here?" The natural assumption might be "the President did it," but according to documentary filmmaker Charles Ferguson, in this case, he wasn't really running the show... and the show's not going on hiatus anytime soon. He joins us to talk about No End in Sight... and Ferguson's a pretty interesting guy himself — you can read more about him here.



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Shame on you npr. you rushed Charles Ferguson off the air, to make room for a fluff piece on your e-mails. This is this first time that the real culprits for our enless war, have been exposed properly, and you dumped him.

How can we get more on the damning information he revealed? How can we see his documentry?

Why has there not been more on the cabal in Washington, that got us into this mess?

Sent by Paul Millrod | 4:49 PM | 7-24-2007

The fact that is being discounted by almost everyone discussing the Iraq war is that no amount of good management and brilliant tactictal decisions could in any way have avoided catastophre . The blunders and spectacular incompetency after the invasion exacerbated the disaster. The decision to invade itself was going to have only one outcome. Now the debate should be how to minimize the damage.

Sent by Don McGuire | 7:51 PM | 7-24-2007

The question is: how do we get the vast slice of America to pay attention to the fascists in power who can make such massive screw-ups and still think they are right.

Sent by Fred Brown, Dallas, Oregon | 9:01 PM | 7-24-2007

I'm with you, Fred, but careful what you say about the war in Iraq, or how you support those working to end US involvement in it. According to an Executive Order signed by President Bush on July 17, 2007, if a protest you attend could be construed as violent or have the possibility of inciting violence, or if you contribute to those who are seen as "threaten[ing to] stabilization efforts in Iraq", the Feds can now confiscate your assets without giving you any warning, among other penalties. Or is this little document truly less sinister than that? Why has there been no media coverage of this? Is it because it is a non-issue? Here is a link: - A copy of the E.O.

I can't seem to find anything except doomsayers' opinions, not even a legal interpretation. We've given up (or had taken from us) too many civil liberties in the name of "national security"; does this give the current administration even MORE Orwellian-inspired control?

It's time to WAKE UP, AMERICA, because he's not going to stop!!

Sent by Becky B | 6:06 PM | 7-25-2007

Many of the things that occurred in Iraq right after the invasion were unavoidable. For instance, Saddam's releasing of prisoners and instructing the Revolutionary Guards to "pillage" facilities provides some explaination for those events.

Furthermore, on the topic of disbanding the Iraqi Army, there are some justification for that as well. Since the fall of the Ottoman empire, the Iraqi Army has been the basis of Sunni power in Iraq. In order to break the Sunni hold on Iraq, it was required to disband the Army and Debaathify the government. As drastic a measure as it is, and as contributory to the current violence as it has been, if you want consensual government in Iraq it must have been done.

Having a consensual democratic government has always been the goal.

Sent by Rob | 6:42 PM | 7-26-2007

This documentary and the many stories finally only now being told about the lies and treachery prove one thing: Impeach Bush and Cheney. We must remove them immediately... Each day they are in office they do irreparable harm. Waiting until Jan 2009 is not only far too long, if we allow their term to run unopposed we invite more of their chicanery and deception! What if they do not leave office by some state of emergency, of course one they declare... Those who say we should not impeach them are inviting worse horrors and stripping of civil liberties than we have already experienced.

Sent by Sam Maggio | 11:56 AM | 7-30-2007

Placing American military troops between warring factions will continue to get our troops shot from the front as well as the rear. It is time that we face the fact that the only group that can stop the killing in Iraq is the people of Iraq themselves. The US military can drop a bomb from 40,000 ft. and hit a bucket, while this technical marvel is amazing in itself; it will not now, or ever, be able to stop the kind of internal violence we are seeing in Iraq. When the Iraqi people decide that enough men, woman, and children have been killed, they will do what ever needs to be done to stop it -- not the US, British, Iran or any one else.
As we created this mess we have the moral obligation to continue to help -- although our government is continuing to try to solve the problem with the wrong tool. The US military is not trained, equipped, or suited to serve and an occupying force with two groups that are perfectly willing to drive a car packed with explosives into a shopping area. Our military can remove every tank from the battle field, any plane from the sky, they will never be able to stop people that are willing to strap on explosives and kill their fellow countrymen. The solders and police of Iraq must be trained and equipped to handle 100% of the security and military tasks in the country with the US removed to very isolated, heavily defended enclaves. The average Iraqi citizen should never see an American soldier patrolling in their HUMV's. It is only when the Iraqi people take control of their own destiny that peace can be achieved. Make no mistake that the killing will continue until the average Iraqi citizen says, enough.

Sent by Mark Luksich | 1:52 PM | 8-24-2007

PAUL Millrod:
ISN'T that the most irritating thing about "TOTN"! DEAR producers please consider creating the option of postponing the 20 min "fluf" pieces to another day.
WHEN you have a "good" interview going it would be nice if you would continue that "good" interview.
THANK you.

Sent by Ben Andrews | 6:15 PM | 8-30-2007

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