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Are You Ready for Some Football?

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Source: highboom

It's right around the corner, my most favorite time of the year. With all the rotten stories circulating about concussions, shady practices, and NFL players gone wrong, for a non-fan it may feel like football is always in the news. Not so, says I. I was raised a fervent Washington Redskins fan, and for me, glimpses of training camp are nice, but I really start to get excited when I see suited-up players take the home field in the preseason. Catching a moment of the Chargers' game vs. the Seahawks last week set the table, and this weekend, I'll feast on the Steelers' visit to Washington. And though it may be over 90 degrees when the coin is flipped, it means that crisp fall air must be right around the corner... which explains why I'm sitting at my desk, staring out at the haze of another insanely hot day, thinking about the leaves changing colors and autumn mornings so perfect my breath catches. What about you? What makes your thoughts turn to fall, and am I just tormenting myself when the reality is that weather like that is at least six weeks away?