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Dear Minnesota

It's a cliche to call structural failures like the bridge collapse in Minnesota a "nightmare," but the truth is, there's almost no other way to describe it. There are certain things we take for granted about our structural world — skyscrapers, bridges, tunnels — and when these things fail, it makes everything concrete seem made of straw. It's particularly true when there's no extra risk assumed when you set out — no hurricane, earthquake, or other apparent catalyst — but simply the most normal of commutes suddenly turned upside down. It happens rarely; but when it does, it can't help but bring back other days, other commutes, other nightmares. There are parts of a landscape that are so essential they disappear on most days — it's only human to notice the view from a bridge, not the bridge itself. Boston, Philadelphia, New York are just a few of the places that have seen this infrastructure fail spectacularly, and tragically. I'm sure they're thinking about Minnesotans today, and we wondered, how do you recover psychologically from such a deep fissure in your daily world? If you're from one of these places, what is your advice to Minnesotans today? And of course, if you're from Minnesota, and the Interstate 35W bridge is part of your life, let us know how you're feeling today.