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This is getting a little silly. Michigan could vote today to move its primary vote up to January 15th. That would probably push New Hampshire and then Iowa (maybe even South Carolina, Florida, etc, etc) to move their primaries earlier still. Let's see, this is August 22nd, what are your plans for next Tuesday... Primary anyone? In all seriousness, there could be a Christmas primary this year. We'll also talk with Congresswoman Deborah Pryce, from Ohio, on the show today. She's one of three long-time midwest Republicans not running again.. the others being Dennis Hastert, the former Speaker of the House, and Ray LaHood, both of Illinois.



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Why does Ken believe the nominations will be wrapped up by February, 2008? The Democrats have three strong contenders in Clinton, Obama and Edwards. The Republicans don't have any dominant front runners. I believe it is more likely that no candidate will garner 50% of the delegates prior to the conventions and that both conventions will be brokered like the good 'ol days!

Sent by Bob Keem | 3:07 PM | 8-22-2007

I was at work during the broadcast so couldn't post until now. My question is: Why did Ken today refer to all candidates, except Sen. Clinton, by their last names, or both first and last names? It was Hillary throughout the program. Yes her name is familiar, but he could refer to Barak, or Rudy and listeners would know who he's talking about. Be consistent.

Sent by Mollie Savage | 7:42 PM | 8-22-2007

My concern about front loading the primaries or having them fall on the same day is that the winner will be the one with the most resourses to start. Living in Iowa, I have listened to all the major Democrat candidates and three of the Republican ones. There is a humanization in the process. I do not want all of our choices to be made from political ads. Although I understand why the congresswoman from Florida would like her state to be part of the process, I think having smaller states starting the primaries is better suited to allowing all the candidates to begin on a more even footing. I have been more impressed with Gov Richardson and Sen Biden than I expected. I am also not Iowa-centric, rotate the "first in the nation" position.

Sent by kehill | 5:11 PM | 8-29-2007

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