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Tom Ricks, Quote Machine

Tom Ricks is the trifecta. The Tricksecta. He's unbelievably good at his day job, he's one of the best interviews on any subject, and he's a stand-up guy. His book, Fiasco, is out in paperbook with a new postscript (which prolly won't be the last), so we're talking to him today. In honor of our hour with Ricks, I thought I would post my three favorite moments from our last interview with him (which is worth another listen for all you Ricks fans out there). I swear, I would listen to this guy talk about auto repair.

File Under: Progress, Hellish
"I mean, you know, but we're talking about degrees of hell, basically. You know? It hadn't descended from the ninth to the 10th circle. It is still on the ninth circle of hell. It's not a great improvement to us to be holding steady in hell."

File Under: Troops, Availability Of
"It's simply that there — as my favorite strategist over the Pentagon says, we're out of Schlitz."

File Under: Shakespeare, Perspicacity Of
"We're a long way from the end in Iraq. I'm a fan of Shakespeare's tragedies. His tragedies have five acts. And I'm pretty persuaded we're only in act three. Fortinbras is - not Fortinbras, but Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are still alive and operating on the stage."