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This is not Dave Barry.

This is not Dave Barry. Source: ninjapoodles hide caption

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Dave Barry drives a Cruzin Cooler around Coral Gables, Florida.
Dave Barry thinks a Marie Antoinette ejector head doll makes a great gift for your son or daughter.
Dave Barry knows why there's a giant eyeball on the dollar bill... and says three of those dollar bills per week is the perfect allowance for your kids.
Dave Barry spent a year sitting around and working on his toenails.
All of these statements are true, at least according to Dave Barry. What truths have you learned from him? He's got a new book out, Dave Barry's History of the Millennium — So Far, which means you're about to learn some real and useful facts about the last six or seven years... and as a bonus, he's got a history of the previous thousand years for you, too!



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not to get off topic, i can't help but wonder why Dave is not celebrating "Talk Like a Pirate Day." Why is that.

Sent by Austin Gifford | 3:13 PM | 9-19-2007

I really have to say that Mr. Conan is actually funnier than Mr. Barry. Outstanding job hosting and entertaining!

Sent by JT Stout | 3:40 PM | 9-19-2007

In the write up I see that, as a caller pointed out,Mr. Barry has his millenia mixed up. " the First Millennium, covering the years 1000 through 1999." Yea, that's the second millennium.

The caller named Doris must have been high on scrooms, because the Council of Nicea took place in a place called Nicea and was a meeting of the Christian groups at the time to discuss various aspects of Christianity. It did involve a scholar named Origen and the guy may have believed in reincarnation. I think Doris is a mystic like Shirley MacLaine.


Sent by Andy | 4:57 PM | 9-19-2007

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