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Day 2 from the Hill

Day two of the Petraeus/Crocker testimony looks a lot like day one, though the faces on the dais have changed. The charts and graphs, the photographers in the pit, the witnesses... all appear the same. There's a lot more star power today, though, with '08 presidential hopefulls all over the place (which is not to draw attention from three yesterday (Tancredo, Hunter, and Paul), especially Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA), who declared in January and joined us twice during our coverage yesterday. Thanks, sir!). First into the room was Senator Biden (D-DE), chair of the Foreign Relations committee. Close on his heels, Chris Dodd, Senator from Connecticut. Senator Obama (D-IL) walked in a bit after the hearing got underway to much hullabaloo — heck, even I stood and peered down into the hearing room for a glimpse of the superstar Senator. Later today, when the room flips and instead hosts the Armed Services committee, we'll get to see another couple of bigwigs: Senators McCain (R-AZ) and Clinton (D-NY). Even as the faces change, though, one thing remains the same: the hand soap in the House bathrooms smells lovely, like citrus... in the Senate, not so much. It smells like, well, puke. Don't get me wrong — I'm still happy to be here. I'm just packing my own soap next time!