Evil On A Lunch Break

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Auschwitz is a universally acknowledged symbol of horror and inhumanity. It turns out, that like many places, it's also a place of predictability and banality as well. An archivist at the United States Holocaust Museum was sent these pictures of SS guards and other Auschwitz employees frolicking, relaxing, and enjoying themselves outside of their horrifying work. See more here. It's a stunning reminder that the men and women who perpetrated these crimes were terrifyingly human — just like the people they were torturing.



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Re: The photo album from Auschwitz: None of your callers connected the awful deeds done at Auschwitz and what we are doing at Abu Ghraib. Did anyone hear Senator Christopher J. Dodd this morning? It was on NPR!!!

Sent by M. Susan Condon | 4:10 PM | 9-19-2007

Everyone says "oh look how normal they are, it could happen here!"

It has, and everyone forgets that. Until we remember our own sins, we cannot begin to help solve those of others.

Sent by PW | 4:11 PM | 9-19-2007

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