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Falling for TV

Falling for TV

Listen to this 'Talk of the Nation' topic

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Watching online previews for about 20 new fall shows in preparation for today's show, a familiar feeling stole over me... oh my gosh, what I am going to do? I'm going to have NO LIFE because there are so many good shows coming out! One after another, they all look can't-miss — from the "magical forensics" of Pushing Daisies to the social experiment of Kid Nation, not to mention the infectious confection Gossip Girl and the outsider story Aliens in America, night after night of must-see TV stretch all the way to Christmas. Or do they? I seem to remember having the exact same feeling last time around, and I haven't actually stuck with any of those shows. I then realized that for me, at least, the preview period of any new television season is more like Christmas Eve than anything else — the packages are lined before me, shiny and mysterious and begging to be ripped into. Though the gifts I receive are nearly always lovely, by the time the new year turns, they are, though not forgotten, somehow absorbed. Yes, I mean to watch 30 Rock. But do I? Not so much. What about you? What new shows have stuck for you, and who are the front runners for this honor in Fall '07?



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I have learned not to get too excited about any new series because the networks never really give them a chance. Too many potentially great shows have been pulled after a couple weeks or months. I think if the networks kept them on longer they would do very well. I just don't want to let myself get attached if the networks are going to pull the plug right away.

P.S. When is the reality show nightmare going to end?

Sent by Renee | 3:14 PM | 9-17-2007

Why do people feel compelled to watch the new shows? Unless the writing and acting are good, why spend the time? BTW, I really enjoy Burn Notice, Psych, Damages, and The Closer. Don't the old networks produce anything of quality anymore?

Just wondering

Sent by JB | 3:16 PM | 9-17-2007

I'm waiting for the finale of Battlestar Galactia.

Sent by Judy Kocsis | 3:22 PM | 9-17-2007

I'm not excited about any of the new shows I've seen promoted. Pushing Daisies and Back to You look interesting, but I'm anxiously awaiting the next season of Amazing Race.

Sent by Don | 3:26 PM | 9-17-2007

The only show which I stay home to watch is "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia", I believe on the FX channel. It is witty and hysterical! As a person who tries to be "p.c." this show is refreshing as its stars/writers place the magnifying glass over our own North American stupidity. Save Thursday nights for IASiP!

Sent by SM | 3:28 PM | 9-17-2007

The new show I am most looking forward to is 'Life' on NBC I think. I don't have cable, but have all six broadcast networks - ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Fox, CW. Returning shows, 'Heroes' and 'Friday Night Lights.' I might watch the new show about cops in New Orleans, too, but can't remember the name.

Sent by Sheri | 3:29 PM | 9-17-2007

Its hard to beat the shows on HBO and Showtime. I would trade any network show (with the exception of "the office")for "Weed" or "Entourage" or "Californication".

Sent by George from Oregon | 3:43 PM | 9-17-2007

The best new show I've seen is on Lifetime, Army Wives. I watched a marathon of shows back in the early summer and became addicted instantly. Looking forward to next season!

Sent by Jan Parker | 3:44 PM | 9-17-2007

I'm looking forward to Scifi's BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. I think the quality of this program, from filming to writing, surpasses much of what's on tv. It interwoven themes of war, rebellion, politics, religion, & myth is well done. It's themes reflect contemporary issues. Last session's opening programs was terrific commentary parallel to the current Iraq War.

Sent by Joe Stack | 3:47 PM | 9-17-2007

One of the reasons that I love Mad Men is its commitment to the period. So often modern sensibilities detract (and distrct) from a story set in an earlier time. Mad Men commits - from the casual misogyny, to the psychologist who calls the husband to report on his wife's sessions, to even to having a pregnant character smoke, you don't need a 60s song to let you know when the show is taking place. And I can't begin to rave about the writing. Can we please please please have more shows like this?

Sent by Candace | 7:43 PM | 9-17-2007