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Muffy, Fluffy, Tinkerbell, and Audrey

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Source: BarrieJH

It's true, Sarah and I will take any opportunity to promote our kitties on the blog. We are shameless kitty promoters — of Winston and Audrey, particularly. Sarah, in fact, walks Win on a leash, which I only wish I could make Audrey do. Unfortunately, Audrey is a) terrified of anything outside of my apartment (and a few things in it), and b) incredibly fuzzy, and I would be nervous that someone's throat would close up at the sight of her. And that, my friends, is the subject of Ask Amy today. Brit and Paris have started a few very-rude trends (remember when Britney simply could not remember her drawers?*), but the most pervasive isn't the underpants, and, er... jail, it's the Tiny Dog in Bag phenomenon (TDB). Bringing Muffy** and Tinkerbell to the store is now ubiquitous, and people are getting pretty steamed about it. What do you think? Should Fluffy be in Saks? Or the frozen food aisle? Is it rude, or just irritating?

*Nothing SFW I can link to. Or SFMM (my Mother), which is an even higher bar. Thanks, Mom!

**Muffy, to my knowledge, is not one of Britney's dogs names.