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Saggy Pants

Saggy Pants

Listen to this 'Talk of the Nation' topic

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Every day I walk down the street to or from the Metro station nearest NPR HQ, I pass at least one, but usually many, young gentlemen decked out in the latest fashions, from cap to kicks. While the colors and logos may vary, one thing never does: the pants, be they jeans, shorts, or sweats, are invariably parked south of hip-level... usually WAY south, as in below-the-booty. How on EARTH do they keep them up? It's confounding, and can even be a bit disturbing depending on the choice and condition of undergarments, but should it be illegal? In some communities, it is... Is this about legislating taste, or is this about singling out a fashion particular to a demographic? And do you see it as a first amendment issue?



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Saggy pants will never go're wasting your fact you're making them more popular.

Sent by saggers gone wild | 2:40 PM | 9-4-2007

Saggy pants make me laugh. How can you run? The funniest was seeing a young guy grab the knees of his saggy pants and lift up his hem to cross over a sloppy gutter. Looked like a sweet young lady from Gone With the Wind.

Sent by Kristina | 3:20 PM | 9-4-2007

How about some legislation against wearing floods, paisley mixed with stripes, and those old guys that wear their pants under their arm pits

Sent by Blez | 3:44 PM | 9-4-2007

The pants are bad enough, but what's with all these boys holding their private parts as they walk along? Is it because the pants are too baggy to feel 'organized' down there? I just don't get how its ok to walk around clearly holding your 'thingy'

Sent by Liz M | 3:46 PM | 9-4-2007

This is ironic. This became "fashionable" because when Black men were sent to jails and prisons, the generic clothing that was handed out was over-sized. Once home, those men brought their new fashion sense with them and hip-hop culture and clothing companies took it mainstream.

Of course now the same population can be be fined and jailed for something that originated in jails. Surreal

Sent by Tracy | 3:46 PM | 9-4-2007

Baggy pants remind me of "full" diapers on babies.
Boys who have to use one hand to hold their pants up are suggestive and offensive.

Sent by Jeannette Mazur | 3:46 PM | 9-4-2007

Perhaps there should also be a law banning pants hiked up too high. There's a clear correlation between high-riding pants and memory loss, poor driving skills and reactionary politics. Something must be done!

Sent by Cory | 3:46 PM | 9-4-2007

As a body politic, have we nothing of greater import to address than sagging pants? Fashion will change without legislation.

Sent by TK Kelly | 3:46 PM | 9-4-2007

An Essay I wrote about baggy pants some time ago, called "A Gravitational Enigma."

Our educational system is failing. As a father, I worry about my two young boys. It seems our institutions of learning are ignoring topics that need teaching. What they teach instead, I'm not sure.
For example, schools are not teaching children that briefs are worn beneath the primary garment covering the lower anatomy. Likewise, kids aren't learning that pants are designed to be held up with the waistband encircling a part of the body that is slightly thinner than the portion located immediately south. When I see young men walking down the street with boxer shorts billowing from the top of their pants, which cling tenuously to the decreasing circumference of their rear ends, my imagination runs wild. I can't help but puzzle over what bulge might be keeping the pants from tumbling down around their knees. It's a worrisome thought, for I remember boys from my own youth whose bulges were insufficient to perform that task adequately for a sustained period of time.
I recall certain events in my own life when pants dragging on the ground might have been problematic. Once, a stampeding herd of children in a neighboring community safely escaped from a theater that had burst into flames. In my mind's eye, I can picture today's youth experiencing gridlock in the aisles, unable to move, with the fire building quickly behind them. This would be a tragedy, all caused by an heroic young man savvy enough to lead the group out, but who then tripped over his pants that had fallen down around his ankles, effectively blocking the route to safe passage.
I also remember a certain duck hunting trip. My partner tripped in the muck some distance behind me and accidentally discharged his .410 shotgun into my keister. Only the thick layers of my properly placed dungarees, long johns, and rain pants saved me from certain injury and an embarrassing trip to the doctor for removal of a thousand pellets of buckshot.
There were also times during my economically lean college years, when I had to go without underwear for a day or two due to my inability to either afford or get to the laundromat. I'm sure university students today have similar financial and vehicular limitations. Just how do they deal with this predicament? If your son is accustomed to wearing his pants low, would you want him to go out in public after having been forced to choose between the several bad options available in such a crisis? Would you want your daughter dating such a boy, or sitting next to him in English Lit? Call me old fashioned, but this seems to me a matter that should be of huge concern to the public at large.
Now I must admit, as a male, I rather enjoy the current trend of exposing bikini briefs and thongs as practiced by the lovely young women of the world. After all, such garments are quite fashionable, and created by some of the most respected designers on earth. Unlike boxers, thongs are worthy of admiration by the public. Plus, the female hip system is quite versatile, and more adept at handling the load placed upon it in the form of lowered jeans or corduroys. Nonetheless, I firmly believe that our educational system has failed to teach this most basic of personal values to an entire generation. Something needs to be done, and soon!

Sent by Kent Wickham | 3:47 PM | 9-4-2007

Fashion is not only what you wear but how you wear it... i think we have bigger things to consider in America today than how many inches your pants are below your waist. Isnt this the state that is ravaged by murders right now??? They should be getting their priorities right and focus on some real issues... next thing you know we will have to dress in uniform after school. PS i am white fyi.

Sent by Christopher Cochrane | 3:48 PM | 9-4-2007

I was recently in Hawaii and saw numerous young men wearing their pants so low without underwear with their pubic hair showing. This was a public place and I refused to get out of the car with my granddaughter and expose her to this exhibition.

Sent by Maribeth Berry | 3:49 PM | 9-4-2007

As a person who feels that saggy pants are very poor fashion. I feel that we need to defend anyone's right to wear their pants as they wish. Let the parents, employers and fashion trends decide how kids dress. Not Law.

Sent by Cory From Salem OR | 3:50 PM | 9-4-2007

Your guest should remember that it is the job of parents, not government, to force youngsters to pull up their pants. If this man's government can force us to pull up their pants, why cannot some later government force us to wear only long pants, or prohibit women from wearing pants, or legislate long beards for men and veils for women?

Is the councilman aware that public dress codes are rare among modernized nations, but very common in regressive authoritarian regimes such as North Korea and Iran?

Sent by Chris Dumm | 3:51 PM | 9-4-2007

The people with the real power to stop this ridiculous fashion trend is the young women of this nation. Why do they date these fools?
I was struck by the schlepy fashion sense of the men on NBC's "To Catch a Predator". Maybe if they dressed better, they could interface with women their own age.
Heterosexual men's interest in women is such that if women were to raise the bar, men would meet that expectation.

Sent by Jen | 3:51 PM | 9-4-2007

As usual, Neal won't get his guest to *answer* questions. Neal asked "Isn't this a first ammendment right?" and let his guest dodge the question. Neal--get him to address the issue! First ammendment is the issue here and Neal let it go. Typical bad pandering to his guests and poor interviewing by Neal.

Sent by Dave Patchen | 3:52 PM | 9-4-2007

Why do we need saggy pants laws? Why doesn't it come under indecent exposure laws.

Sent by Elizabeth Kelch | 3:52 PM | 9-4-2007


Sent by Kimberly | 3:52 PM | 9-4-2007

I think that it is a very interesting issue but I want people to realize that this will become an issue of freedom of expression. I think that until people begin to teach common couresy as well as teaching children that there is a way to dress and to present ourselves. Etiquett is dead.

Sent by John | 3:54 PM | 9-4-2007

It's about time. It's a backlash and that is just fine. There is nothing 'tantamount' to it. It is ridiculous for us to abandon all efforts at 'public decency' in the name of being a free society. Let decency reign for a while - PLEASE.

Sent by Young and educated AND professional mother of two | 3:55 PM | 9-4-2007

Neal is dead wrong:
Re: the gent from Louisiana explaining about the ordinance. It is not a racial issue at all.

I reside in a suburb of Phoenix Arizona for seven years; Worked in the heart of the city ofNewark, NJ prior to this time for 6 years. The low slung pants is NOT exclusively black or afro american fashion statement.

Young white men in the suburbs here and all over the country wear pants this way.

Frankly, it may seem judgemental, when I see a yng man with tattered/fringed jeans - on the bottom - unhemmed or his waistline down where his bottom ends or his crotch begins I just think Boy this kid needs attention.

Its an unfortunate fashion for any who choose it.

We had some ugly fashions to but we still could walk, run, and sit down.
Laura H. child of the fifties

Sent by L Herring | 3:55 PM | 9-4-2007

While the fashion of baggy pants is laughable, the proposition of outlawing them is even more so. As a caller said, "If parents aren't willing to step up to the task, then the law has to." Perhaps if these perpetual legislators continue to refuse to step up to allowing others to either succeed, or fail, in raising their own children; then we need to pass legislation to outlaw interfering from grumpy people.

Sent by Thomas | 3:56 PM | 9-4-2007

It's a good law and should be enforce harshly. I hate the look and I'm a male. I see both blacks, whites, and hispanics wearing their pants on their thighs and I ask myslef how will they ever get a job looking like that. Which then answers my question as to why most that I see dress like that are waiting to ride the public bus or walking.

Sent by damein | 3:57 PM | 9-4-2007

I'm frankly offended by the thought of *outlawing* a style of dress; why can't someone dislike something without trying to get rid of it? This, to me, is a huge breach of personal freedom-- yes, it absolutely is a first amendment issue.

Furthermore, as I listen to the interview, it sounds more and more like this law is an excuse to enforce personal prejudices, ageist or otherwise.

Sent by Kirby | 3:58 PM | 9-4-2007

I am positively delighted that Mr. Toups has undertaken this important initiative to legislate decency in his community. My only concern is that he has stopped too soon. For instance, what is more disgusting than watching old men with bellies protruding over their belts? They are always having to pull their pants up, too, because their bellies are bigger than their hips. Even belts can't keep those pants up. It's revolting, plus it's a silent statement supporting obesity. Those men should be placed under house-arrest until they can keep their bellies tucked in.

Oh! and bald heads! Talk about repulsive. Put a hat on it, buddy... or pay a $50 fine!

Let's don't even think about exposed legs with varicose veins...

Sent by Nancy Duncan | 3:59 PM | 9-4-2007

Yeesh...don't these town councils have any REAL problems requiring their attention?

Sent by Marty | 4:02 PM | 9-4-2007

If they get rid of saggy pants how are the cops going to actually catch some of those younger hooligans? They may actually be able to jump fences. I agree Kristina, that grab-run reminds me of some of ladies who cosplay at renaissance festivals and who try to run with the full gowns.

To be honest I don't really have that much of problem with saggy pants, however the line needs to be drawn at the butt crack. It goes to a similar issue with the ladies who chose to wear the super sort mini-skirts and the piece of floss they call underwear. Both "fashions" seem to be aimed to entice voyeurs.

Sent by Brasten | 4:05 PM | 9-4-2007

What about speedos and bikinis, if you outlaw saggy pants you might as well outlaw them as well; they are much more revealing and depending on the person wearing them much more repulsive. Saggy pants are not my thing, but if one choose to wear them then that is there right. It is not the place of government to legislate fashion. If this law is not shot down by a court I fear many more laws taking away our personal freedoms and privacy will follow.

Sent by Jeremy Perkins | 4:12 PM | 9-4-2007

All you have to do to stop this fad is for parents and grandparents to start wearing their pants the same way. Depends sticking out the top of the pants should make young men see how silly they look.

Sent by T.Jane Bailey | 4:12 PM | 9-4-2007

I just heard the program concerning sagging pants, and I had to write. I sincerely believe that this style will go down in history as one of the most annoying, senseless, and moronic fashion statements ever made by any generation. Having said this, I have to ask, "Who do we go after next"? Women wearing tops that show cleavage? Men on bikes wearing shorts that show what the Lord did (or did not) endow them with? Where do you stop? If people like the Councilman would just wait it out, he would find that as all styles run their course, this style will disappear when guys get tired of holding up their pants by the crotch. Annoyed as I get when I see someones boxers, I get even more annoyed when people can't simply mind their own business.

Sent by Brian Crisler | 4:35 PM | 9-4-2007

Legal delegation over fashion will only stimulate the handicap that governs the minds of those who follow unoriginal trends. You will only discourage those who barely take their fashion seriously (who aren't such a threat to society) and encourage rebellion amongst those who naturally harbor antisocial behavior (who can be a threat to society). The legal backlash will cost more that the simple respect of our social differences.

Sent by Augusto Herrera | 4:55 PM | 9-4-2007

I am outraged by Councilman Toups' (and all) legislation that outlaws sagging britches--even more outraged than I am at the sagging britches. Aspiring adults of all ages have long tried to rebell by outrageous behavior. It is our job as parents, teachers and role models to be outraged and sometimes to forbid such behavior. It is NOT the job of law enforcement--they have more important work to do. I imagine that most law enforcement personnel will simply snigger at such laws and do the real work we ask of them--I certainly hope so.

Sent by Dianne Sammons | 6:44 PM | 9-4-2007

My uncle told me years ago (he is now dead) that he,
his brothers and friends used to sag their pants - in
the 1920's and 30's!

Yeah, and he told me at the time it drove parents
during that era crazy as well.

He went on to become the head of the european history
department at the University of Hawaii, was a
decorated navy seaman and gourmet chef.

Who knows where the fashion "trend" (and I use that
term loosely) originated from...

FINALLY, my son - who is 21 today - got the message
that the sag probably wasn't the best way to impress
young women, and now does NOT wear his pants to show
the crack of his rear end.

For some reason, neither do his friends.

And, as a mom, I am glad my son no longer feels the
need to sag his pants.

LEGISLATING what people wear, however, is another
issue, and it's something I am completely against.

What are people thinking?

Do we have so little to focus on that how people wear
their pants is something we want our legislators and
lawmakers to add to their priority list?

How about we focus on global warming, the war in Iraq,
feeding the hungry, ending child abuse, racism,
discrimination; I could go on.

Next they will outlaw tye-dye t-shirts. Geese!

Elizabeth Fenimore

Sent by Elizabeth Fenimore | 7:57 PM | 9-4-2007

Banning people from wearing baggy pants because some people don't like the way it looks sounds like a great way for Louisiana to make some extra money. $100 fine because someone doesn't like the way your pants fit you could really add up.
Louisiana should fine fat people because they don't like the way it looks too. Every time a fat person opens their mouth to eat fried food and their waddle jiggles it looks just as bad as someone's butt hanging out of their pants. With 70% of the people in the country overweight, maybe they just don't respect their parents, especial when their mom told them to eat their vegetables. $100 fine because someone doesn't like the way your pants fit you could really add up???.

Sent by Amy | 2:19 AM | 9-5-2007

So, it's not ok for young men to "sag" their pants but it's ok for women to wear tube tops and halter tops with their breasts almost completely exposed and also wear shorts that left the butt cheeks hang out? I just want to make sure I have the right idea. If you are going to racially and socially profile groups of people, why stop with baggy pants topic. Why not ban long hair or sexually suggestive tattoo's.

Sent by Kristen | 6:49 AM | 9-5-2007

I think legislating fashion is going a bit far, much as I dislike baggy pants and the men clutching their private parts to keep them up; however, I think it is perfectly reasonable for schools, restaurants, shopping centers, etc etc, to set rules about how the patrons should dress while on their premises - like the no shoes, no shirt, no service rule. And by the way, while the boys' clothes are too big, the girls are wearing their teeny tiny t-shirts in a size that would fit a five year old, while their jellybellies bulge out at the seams, which is nearly as revolting as the baggy look. And then there are the brainless mothers that dress their little boys in the gangster clothes - I feel sorry for the little guys that can't even run without stopping every two steps to hitch up their pants. Again, let the brothers and wannabe brothers wear their clothes in the shops where they bought them or in their own territory, homes, etc. Stop subjecting the rest of us to your vulgar expressions of fashion.

Sent by kathryn | 9:36 AM | 9-5-2007

there are so many problems in this world today. Hunger, homelessness, free convicted sex offenders who can watch but not touch our children and you are worried a baggy pants. Lets get real, I've never seen saggy pants kill a child, take away a persons rights, burn a home or leave people in the streets to starve to death. please tell me why this is such a big issue. tis world has so many other important issues going on how can we be stressed out about how someone wears their clothes. tell me how to save a child from abuse, feed my hunger brothers and sisters and still have peace in the world and I will give you a million reasons why this baggy pants law is completely stupid! If a real people want to be offended about something, Get offended about the way we seem to think we are free in america and still make laws to keep us all slaves in one form or another.

Sent by just D | 6:19 PM | 9-5-2007

I can remember when the big news was a woman who was denied entrance into a restaurant because she was (oh, the horror) wearing a pantsuit. She removed her pants and was admitted wearing her tunic top as a dress.
That's about as sensible as a law banning low ride pants. Every generation has tried to shock its elders. How embarrassing is it that my generation is responding just like our parents did to our sartorial excesses.

Sent by J. Bostwick | 1:01 PM | 9-6-2007

I am from Louisiana and can tell you that we do it different down there. In my opinion this is a racial issue. It is true that other races and ethnic groups are wearing their pants low. This could be due to an African American influence just as hip-hop is to suburban America. If African Americans are being targeted for this what is next. Are we going to target those folks with numerous tattoos, body piercing, or punk/colored hair? When is it going to end? I don't like to see the pants hanging low either, but when you are implicitly singleing out a certain group, then I have a problem with this. In this case, we are blaming the victim and not the system. Let's look at the root of the problem before we jump the gun.

Sent by Paul Stelly | 8:36 PM | 9-6-2007

This is not an issue of race but public decency. We live in a country where freedom of expression is one of our founding principles, however there are restrictions where it comes to public exposure. I see all the time where saggy pants expose the undergarments, or lack there of, of a person and although it is a form of personal expression it is also indecent exposure. If someone is going to be a member of a democratic society they have to follow the rules set by the majority. It sounds like the majority has spoken and declared that style of dress as indecent. If this law is thrown out on the basis of one???s right to personal expression then I think we owe all the streakers of the 60???s and 70???s an apology for our persecution.

Sent by Chris | 1:48 PM | 9-9-2007

There was a posting that had this issue right. Banning low riding pants is not the answer; older adults embracing the style is. When parents begin wearing clothing like that the style will die an almost immediate death. Kids(teens) are prone to rebellion, Why "feed the monster". Like-- Hello!! All of us were teens once, we have been through this!! Embrace it and it will quietly die. I also think wearing a diaper that shows over the waistband is one heck of a good idea even if the diaper was never meant to be used. It would help to show really how dumb looking the style is.
I think it is rather obvious I do not like the style. Let's help kill it by embracing it

Sent by Mit | 8:36 PM | 9-17-2007

I DO hafta ask the question... Why are they willing to expose their butts, but want to wear hoodies to keep their heads and faces as covered up as they can? Unless someone can enlighten me otherwise, I must accept that these "individuals" are acting like criminals, therefore they should be thought of and treated as they wish to be seen... as criminals. This is unfortunate because I know a lot of good kids who dress this way, but if you try to look and act like a spoiled rich kid you will be treated like a spoiled rich kid. If you try to look like a prostitute you will treated like a prostitute. If you try to look like a criminal you will be treated like a criminal. That is the way life works. It will never be changed.

Sent by tim | 9:45 AM | 9-18-2007

I think that the issue here is not Style, Culture, Race or any of the above. Those are just good places for people who dont want to deal with the real issues to hide behind. Instead of looking at the real problem which is parents not having control or taking pride in thier kids, instead they let their kids learn from the streets. If parents had this pride you would not be debating this issue. We lost the kids when parents stopped caring and reinforcing values and decency as well as teachers losing the right to teach because they are to busy deailing with things other than teaching. It's all about respect. If you were raised with respect for what is right and wrong you reflect that in life. They are not tought respect so how can they show respect for others. And the so called "Style" that's hogwash. The Style word is a place for this behaviour to hide behind. Young people know they can do what ever they want because adults can't do anything to stop them. Past generations knew where the line was drawn because the parents were there to show them and adults were there reinforcing those morals.. Parents are not there anymore for to many reasons to list so the kids had to learn from the street. There is no more respect for anything. To bad some things could not be gathered by the street sweeper. But with the country going down the drain like it is. Who Cares....

Sent by drg | 12:32 PM | 9-19-2007

I think its a waste of time! singling out a person based on baggy dress(most common among young African American males) is a form of racial profiling and unfairly promotes an association between dress and crime.

Sent by S. Burris | 12:08 PM | 9-24-2007

Can the Woodstock generation not see the irony in these ridiculous dress code laws? Even if there were a remote possibility of these dress code laws being obeyed, how is it possible that the Woodstock generation does not see that there will be an immediate shift to yet another offensive fashion statement? It is the hardwired role of the adolescent and young-adult generation to rebel against the norm of the older generation. Yes, I am offended by some of the excesses of sagging, baggy pants and what that may expose, but that???s my role as an adult???to be offended by the behavior/fashion of youth. If young adult rebellion were not hardwired into humanity, no child would ever leave home. At best, dress code laws are just an exercise in "gopher whacking" by governmental bodies that should surely have better things to spend their time on. At worst, they are a step down the path toward societies like the mid-east where women are forced by law and upon pain of death in some cases, to cover all exposed parts of their bodies, including in some cases, their eyes. You may say ???never in America??? but I would have naively exclaimed the same about laws banning baggy pants.

Sent by Christina in Colorado | 11:39 AM | 9-26-2007

I'm a substitute teacher at a large high school in San Antonio, Texas. I'm able to observe all students in many different situations. We're trying to estabilsh a dress code. One of the main focuses is to tuck in shirts and stop the baggy-saggy pants on the male students. What is happening is that they are tucking in the shirts with the baggy-saggy pants. It looks ridiculous. There seems to be a direct link between brain power and baggy-saggy pants. The AP classes have no baggy-saggy pants.

Sent by Richard Sharer | 4:55 PM | 9-27-2007

If an elected official that was being paid salary from my taxes was wasting time on something so inane, I'd be UPSET!

Sent by Jill | 10:43 PM | 10-24-2007

I just have one question. Does the law include low-rider Jeans for women? Lets not forget this trend isnt just for the young men its for women who show their panties and thongs. Or even the see through material from women showing off what color bra's they have on. Or is it that the older men that want to pass the law have no problem with the women doing it because they like what they see when its a women doing it? Huh....? Yeah....Makes since now.

Sent by Anthony | 11:07 AM | 10-30-2007

Baggy Pants Outlawed? Good grief. There's a company in Michigan that has taken a different approach. They are giving the kids a better alternative. The company name is the Trash Pants Company. TrashPants on the web. I wonder if the city council will try to outlaw these in Atlanta? or Louisiana?

Sent by Leigh Snelling | 11:50 AM | 12-12-2007

One of the reasons by which America was founded was to have the privilege of freedom of choice. if you make a law aginst saggin it is taking away your freedom of expression! you should be able to express who you are through what you wear

Sent by sara | 8:53 PM | 12-13-2007

the mother and father purches these kids cloths, buy the right size and thay wont be around there butt.

Sent by tom glandon | 7:45 PM | 1-9-2008

Just because men like to grab them selves, and sag there pants, does not mean they are not a good person deep inside. Example, I have a friend who is so smart and intellgent that its not even funny. This friend of mine wears his pants low, and also like to grab him self at times. Why we will never know the answer to that. I honestly think young men do that thing because, they feel like they fit it, they feel like they will be apart of something, so they will not get talked about, meaning how they wear there pnants!Because most young men do that thing does not make a difference on who they are. A lot of people mistake young men and mis judge them because of how they wear there clothes.
We all need to stop and think about what happening in the society, and think about how we can make a difference in all of our communites! Dont worry about how people like to wear there clothes, a lot of us just need to worry about our selves and our own children!

Sent by John | 4:32 PM | 1-26-2008

booo to this whole debate....everybody wears baggy pants for different reasons...some parents cant afford to buy jeans all the time for growin boys so they buy em to grow 6'3 and slim i cant ever find a pair of jeans that fit my waist n my long legs so im buy em bigger...i read they are talking bout fines and jail time, if i go to jail for my pants after everything ive done for myself and been through to get to this age i will flip out...ill be in jail for my pants and killing the judge...who ever wrote that essay is dumb..this whole debate is dumb...go do sumpn wit ur life lol

Sent by nunya | 6:18 PM | 1-28-2008

Why is all of the people around the world making this a big deal .This is not , why is reporter is caring about what other people is wearing or doing .All i am saying if you is not doing it, why care what other people is doing.

Sent by Devon harris | 12:07 PM | 2-12-2008

Everyone is so eager to complain about the guys and their "sagging," what about these fat chicks that dress like they are a size 3? Do you really think that society likes to look at that? If you don't like it, don't look!!!

Sent by Mom of a sagger | 9:50 PM | 2-21-2008

I work in a high school and see these youngsters "trying" to walk or run to class and they can't because of their pants. God help them if there is ever an emergency! I see boxers,
g-strings, things that I have no business seeing. I hate the style, I hate seeing them "holding themselves" to keep the pants up. I feel it is not only ugly but a safety issue. BUT should there be a "law" about it? Heck no! I don't feel our law enforcement agencies have the time manpower or the energy to enforce this kind of law and they should not be asked to. I don't think a government should be able to tell people how to dress. This is America right? If the schools would enforce the dress codes that are in place, then parents would stop buying these clothes for their children. If the children buy the clothes on their own, oh well, if they wear them to school send them home until they buy pants that fit correctly. Tired of saggy pants but not wanting another petty law that takes away yet another small piece of freedom.

Sent by critter | 12:39 PM | 3-14-2008

Saggy Pants...what a joke !

Sent by Mr. M | 12:57 PM | 3-18-2008

I am a high school student, and i just learned about this law in government class today and i was outraged.

Well this law just doesnt make any sense to me. Families go to the beach all the time and what do you see there, dozens of women in bikinis (which i am not complaining about). Now if thats legal then clearly this is all about singleing out a certain demographic that threatens high brow society.

Sent by Juan | 3:44 PM | 6-30-2008

Who cares if it's what they want to do let them!!!!What if they made fun of u cause ur paints aint baggy

Sent by NON YO BUISNESS | 5:45 PM | 7-7-2008

i feel that boys should wear their pants any way they feel because they bought them so let them wear them baggy because i feel that if u buy your clothes you should be free to wear them anyway you want to its ashame how people try to tell people how to wear there clothes it bad enought that black mens were in slavery so let there be freedom bout clothes

Sent by shenequa | 7:04 PM | 9-15-2008

This is not a fashion issue. It's not a racial issue. It's not even an issue about how low or high the pants are. It IS an issue about public decency and respect.
No shoes, no shirt, no service is now...
No shoes, no shirt, have underwear?

The states can make what ever law they want about that they deem decent in public.

Sent by Brian | 11:21 AM | 9-17-2008

Good. I would also like to see a law banning car radios with bass so loud it shakes your walls. To the crowd who says mind your own business, well you are making it my business the minute I hear it. Don't you understand people are sick of you. Same goes when I have to see you grabbing your crotch to hold up your stupid pants.

Sent by aaron breiwick | 12:54 PM | 9-17-2008

This Law is Such A JOKE!
I Can Not Believe America is @ it's height of inflation & Recession and @ the same time we're making a Law for Saggy Pants?

Tell Me, what's Next?
Banning children from running around in pubilc? [they're gonna have to be leashed]

Or better Yet, Women prepare yourselves!
-Not being allowed to show your stomach in public is Next!

Sent by SKYE | 1:09 AM | 9-18-2008

the young people do where there pants below the the butt it is there apearance not your's. if people thinks it dumb so be it. but in my point of veiw it sould not matter what people think about it as long I like gangster. so thet is the probelm young teens like they look gangster.

Sent by Antonio | 8:06 PM | 9-18-2008