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September 10th Show

It's the start of the work week and we are hard at work on today's show — with half the staff on Capitol Hill for the Petraeus hearings! In hour one, NPR's FBI correspondent Dina Temple Raston will talk about her book "Jihad Next Door" — itt outlines the journey of six Muslim-American teenagers (some of whom were voted "friendliest" at their local high schools!) and later ended up in an Al Qaeda training camp. In the end of that hour we'll hear statements from General David Petraeus who is speaking on the Hill today about conditions in Iraq since the U.S. troop surge six months ago.

In our second hour we'll discuss what can be learned about the justice system in the racially charged case in the small town of Jena, Louisiana. We'll end the hour with Gary Langer, director of polling for ABC News, and find out what a new opinion poll from Iraq reveals about how Iraqis think about the war.