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September 13th Show

Well, if you blinked, you missed him. Neal Conan is away again, but filling in today is the familiar voice of NPR Congressional Reporter Andrea Seabrook. And here's what's shaping up for today:

Are you a helicopter parent, hovering over your child's head, micro-managing his or her every move? There's no doubt parents should stay front and center in their children's lives... but just how involved is TOO involved? We'll have some advice to help parents release their grips on their child's sneaker laces, one finger at a time. Following that, we'll ask the question: Where do you cross the line from "Let's do our best to help save the environment" to "Going green is downright GROSS!!!" Poughkeepsie Journal reporter Michael Valkys talks about some of the "questionable" things people do for the sake of a healthier planet... and how in some towns they could actually be breaking the law.

This week, the media has focused heavily on the war in Iraq — in light of the "report card" testimony on the Hill earlier this week and President Bush's upcoming address on his plan for a moderate troop withdrawal. You'd think with all this talk about the war, anti-war activism would also be the news of the day. But with almost every poll stating that most Americans disapprove of the war, why then does an anti-war movement lack movement? We'll talk about that at the top of our second hour. Afterwards, break out your earplugs. Los Angeles Times writer Patt Morrison cries "Anthem Abuse" and pleads for Americans to stop butchering our National Anthem. Roseanne Barr anyone?

Enjoy the show and your weekend!