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September 4th Show

We're back in full swing and hard at work on today's show. Here's what's happening today:

In our first hour we are joined by (Ret.) General John Keane, former Army acting chief of staff and Anthony Cordesman, military analyst at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Both have recently returned from separate trips to Iraq and will share their thoughts about what's happening in the region. Later in that hour we will talk to Dr. Mark Olfson, professor of clinical psychiatry at New York's Columbia University, who will answer your questions about bipolar disorder. Be sure to send us your questions.

For our second hour we'll talk about The Python Years with British comic Michael Palin. His new book is a decade long collection of diary entries of the members of the comedy group Monty Python. Following that, we'll talk about the "cost" of wearing saggy pants. Lindel Toups, councilman in LaFourche Parish in Lousiana, will talk about his proposed legislation to ban the public display of undergarments that was made into state law last month. We'll end the hour with your emails and blog comments. Now that the dog days of summer are officially over, tell us about how your life changed on this day after Labor Day. Did you cart your kids off to school for the first time? And how bad was that commute this morning?

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