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We get lots and lots of books — bins and bins of them, even — every day. Some are suitable for our show. Some just aren't. And some could work. At our afternoon meetings, we argue doggedly for what we like. Producers pitch persuasively, but it's a hard game. Sarah's favorite probably isn't Scott's, which ordinarily isn't Barrie's. Unlike the rest of us, Neal has a "get-out-of-pitch-free" card. If he comes across a book he likes, we usually do the book. On today's show, David Cordingly, the author of one such text, Cochrane: The Real Master and Commander, will join us, to talk about Thomas Cochrane, a frigate captain during the Napoleonic Wars. He was the inspiration for C.S. Forester's famous swashbuckler, Horatio Hornblower. Fans of maritime history, we want to hear from you. What do you want to know about the 10th Earl of Dundonald?



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I'm a _huge_ fan of Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey-Maturin books, which were partially based on the exploits of Lord Cochrane. I've read the entire 20-book series once already and am contemplating another go at it. I'd be curious to hear his thoughts on how well O'Brian captured the essence of Lord Cochrane in his portrayal of Lucky Jack Aubrey.

Sent by andy carvin | 2:39 PM | 9-18-2007

All right, David... I know you're new to the blog, but "Windows Vista: The Missing Manual"??? Gimme some credit, man! (besides, I can't afford the Vista upgrade)

Sent by Scott, TOTN | 10:14 PM | 9-18-2007

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