At Bat: Bill Littlefield

You may know Bill Littlefield from his NPR show, Only a Game. Or maybe you remember the bazillions of appearances he's made on other NPR programs. Or maybe you just know* Bill Littlefield. Bill knows two things insanely well: sports and writing. His name may be primarily associated with baseball, but Bill covers it all, from horse-racing to golf, and writes about it with enviable elan. He's a poet, a reporter, and a wry observer of the human condition... and he pulls it all together in his new book, Only A Game. What's your favorite Bill Littlefield production?

*Our guest host, Anthony Brooks, does!



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I photograph and write about small town high school football in Montana and Wyoming. Many of the football venues I travel to are held in towns easily under 500 and the game often is in the form of 8-man or 6-man.

I think I know where Mr. Littlefield is coming from. Beyond the football games in these small towns, I'm most taken back with the "little life" (as one friend of mine puts it), the innoncense of the game at this level and the sublime backdrops that are often found especially when the games are played on Saturday afternoon instead of Friday night because the school has never justified the cost of floodlights for the gridiron.

Since attending these games, my interest in pro and even college football has vanished.

Sent by Morgan Tyree | 3:23 PM | 9-26-2007